ATV Fishing Rod Holders – The Best Choices On The Market

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ATVs are a great way to transport everything that you need when going fishing to a lake or a pond. the space of the quad allows you to easily store your lures, baits, lines, sinkers, and traps, and it also serves as a convenient way to get to the body of water itself. and sure, storing your tackle is pretty straightforward, but how about the fishing rod? most modern rods are over 6 feet tall and so moving them around can be cumbersome, especially on an ATV. and unless you want to ride with one hand grabbing the handlebars and the other one clenching the rods, you are going to have to get yourself a quality fishing rod holder.

And there is a lot of variety for you to choose from, some pretty pricey and other not so much. so, since there are so many rod holders in the market, I decided to make a review of the best of the best. and since your final choice is going to depend on a lot of factors, I also mention things like how much rods the holder can take, the ease of installation, and the general build quality of the rod holder. that way you can make sure that you find the right one for your specific needs. so without further ado, these are the best rod holders available.

1. Catch and Release Double Rod Holder – The Hotshot

Slide the rod down the tube and attach it with the locks. make sure you slide the reel stem through the holder’s opening too.

This is the best rod holder you can get in the market as of 2019. this baby has pretty much everything that you are looking for in an ATV fishing rod holder, including ease of installation, build quality, and value for the price. if you only have 2 rods, don’t look elsewhere and get this model ASAP. one of the perks of this that most other holders do not have is that it’s super easy to install. you don’t need to drill a hole in your quad’s fender or chassis, neither is it something that you are going to have to work for hours to install. the holder can also be attached to both horizontal and vertical poles, perfect for those who have a side by side.

To load the rods, Simply slide them down through the tube shown in the picture and attach them with the locks that come with the holder. also, in the picture that I posted above, you are going to notice that there is an opened part that goes down with the tube. that is the space where you slide the reel stem and lock it in place.

Another big pro that this has is the pricing. this is one of the most affordable options on this list, and while some may think that a cheap price tag indicates a crappy build quality, this is not the case with this holder. all the parts and plastics of this are really sturdy and well made. it feels much more expensive than what it really is. In short, this is the best combination of pricing and quality in the market right now. highly recommended.

2. Kolpin Rhino Grip – Solid Alternative

Kolpin has always been a smart choice when it comes hunting gear, and the Kolpin Rhino Grip is their best seller. while the grips are most often used as a gun rack to carry long guns, they can also be used to attach fishing rods. just like the model shown above, this is a sturdy, well-made piece of equipment that is not going to break down as soon as you load some stuff in it. and it’s not necessary to drill the claws down either. as long as your quad has a long square or round bar, the claws can be attached to those. and if they do not fit, drilling them down is also an option. also, another perk that this has is that it’s not just a fishing rod holder. things like shovels, guns, golf clubs, etc.. can be attached too.

Now when it comes to the negatives about this, first of all, you are going to have the fishing rods in a horizontal position. while some are going to be fine with this, if you are somebody who needs to ride through some woods, then you are going to have a hard time because the rods are going to be hit by nearby trees obviously. if this is your case, then check out the first option.

3. Universal Clip Mount Holder – Value Option

Are you on a tight budget? need something for just a 1-time use? then this is for you. first of all, this is the cheapest way to securely attach a fishing rod to your quad or UTV. it’s perfect for those people that do not go fishing very often but want to have something available that can do the job if the opportunity arises. this clip mount will go in any round tube and then you secure both the clip and the rod with some straps. if you have 2 or more fishing rods, then you need to get 2 of these.

As I said, this is for people that are on a budget. if you are willing to spend more than $20, then I would recommend that you check out the first 2 options on the list, because this isn’t exactly something that is going to last you a long time. the build quality of this is not up to par but you can’t really ask for much at this price point.

4. Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip – Kolpin Alternative

These are very similar to the Kolpin holder above, but there are a few differences between models. the first difference is that the grips or claws of this model are of a higher quality than the ones shown above. the claws in this one are made of a rubberized material which will ensure that whatever you attach to it won’t get scratched. another perk of this holder is that it has a release button while the one shown above doesn’t.

The third advantage of this holder is that this is much easier to find that the other model. it seems that the upper holder sells well for them and that means that supplies are low. this one is much easier to find.

5. PR1 Single Pack Rack – Adequate For Lighter Objects

This is another good choice for somebody that is looking for something small and convenient. the main pro of this as I said is that it’s less bulky than the options shown above. the holder can be spun so that you can rest the fishing rods in any position. the reason why this is at the end of the list is that it’s a little bit more flimsy than the other choices. this is made more for lighter objects. so I wouldn’t put more than 1 fishing rod in the rack. something else, you are going to have to buy 2 of these. the picture shows 2 holders but actually, if you buy this you are going to get just 1 holder.