ATV Protective Gear For Kids – A Complete Guide

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Mini-ATVs have always been a terrific gift for boys and girls alike, it’s like they are hypnotized as soon as they get onto one. ATVs are a great hobby to introduce your kids to if you live in an offroading area or if you have a big lawn or backyard. however, it’s also important to ensure the safety of your kids. this is because contrary to popular opinion, ATV riding is actually quite dangerous, especially for kids. so other than constantly supervising them when riding, the best thing that you could do is get them some safety gear, especially a helmet. and the gear that you get for them depends on a lot of stuff, including their age, where are they riding, which quads are they using, etc… in general, I would recommend getting at least a helmet, some kneepads, a chest protector, and some gloves. anyways,  I made a list of the gear that I would recommend that you buy your kiddies if they are going to start riding. I consider these the best value for the money.

Helmet: Fox Racing Youth V1 Helmet

There are 2 things that you need to make sure when shopping for a youth helmet. first of all, you need to check if the helmet passes at least the DOT Standard, which 99% of helmets will. check the helmet that you are going to buy and look for a DOT insignia or decal. if that doesn’t appear in either the helmet itself or the packaging then that equipment doesn’t comply with the state safety regulations, which means that it’s a piece of crap and it shouldn’t be up for sale in the first place. and the second thing to keep in mind is the sizing of the helmet. this is super important, you don’t want anything that is either too tight or too loose. too loose and the helmet might move out of its place when your kids ride around, and too tight and it’s going to get way too hot for them and they might want to take it off.

My personal recommendation for a kids helmet is the Fox Racing Youth V1 Helmet (Click To Check It Out On Amazon) one of the main things that differentiate this helmet from other cheaper options is the comfort that this one provides to your kids. one of the cons with buying more affordable helmets is the compromises that you need to make. if the helmet provides good protection, then it’s going to be really uncomfortable or lacking ergonomics. but if you find something that your kids find comfortable, then the build quality is pretty crappy, and so on and so forth. the V1 helmet is excellent at everything and that’s why me and my kids are a big fan of it. if you are looking for the best helmet for your loved ones without breaking the bank, then this is your best option.

There is just one caveat when it comes to this helmet. and no it doesn’t have to do anything with the build quality, the ergonomics, the ventilation, but it has to do with the pricing. while it’s not exactly the most expensive option on the market, it’s not the most affordable either, so if this is an issue for you, then I would advise you get the Typhoon Kids Helmet instead (Click To Check The Bundle On Amazon) which also comes with gloves and goggles so that you don’t need to buy them separately.

Boots: Fox Youth Comp 5

There are the same boots that I recommended on my other article, however these ones are the kid’s version. everything found in that page will apply here. the Fox Racing Youth Comp 5 (Click To Check Them On Amazon.) are the best value for your buck as of 2019, providing a super comfortable fit, and ample protection for your kids feet. the first thing that you are going to notice when you get these are how cool they look. now, while I don’t recommend buying gear just because of the way it looks, the cool graphics and armor-like look of these will certainly will be appealing for kids, especially considering that many kids do not like wearing boots, let alone safety equipment in general.

Other pros are that these are super hard on the outside, which does a great job of covering your leg and feet in case of an accident. they protect very well externally, but they are very ergonomic and warm on the inside. also, just like basketball sneakers, these boots will provide a lot of ankle support and shielding from any debris or accident. even though these boots are true to size, I would still advise getting them from a physical store so that your kids can actually try them on. they might fit very well on my feet, but that might not be the case with your kids.

Goggles: Scott Sports Youth Goggles

When it comes to goggles, there are thankfully a lot of good options available. forget about buying expensive stuff here because 99% of goggles provide pretty much the same level of visibility and protection. first of all, if you didn’t know, the opening that ATV/Motocross helmets have in the front is there so that you can wear goggles with the helmet on, so if you are buying a helmet for your sons, then this is the second thing you must be looking at.

There are a few things that you must be on the lookout for when it comes to goggles. the first one is checking if the goggle uses hypoallergenic materials. goggles, along with helmets, are the closest things to your child’s face so getting something that won’t bother them is paramount. also, make sure that the goggles that you buy have anti-fog coating. if the goggle doesn’t have this, then I wouldn’t buy anything really. every time that I ride I sweat a lot, especially when wearing my helmet and my goggles, and the anti-fog coating does a great job of keeping everything clear and visible.

I’m recommending the Scott Sports Youth Goggles because not only are they super cheap, they provide pretty much everything important that you must have in a goggle.

Gloves: O’Neal Youth Matrix Glove

My recommendation for kids gloves are the O’Neal Youth Matrix Glove. O’Neal has always been a solid brand when it comes to motocross and ATVs. I have found that they provide good quality while being modestly cheaper than what Fox offers. so when looking for mini-gloves, I decided to give these to my kids and they were quite satisfied with them. they love the stylish look of these, which is something important to consider because like I said before, getting kids to actually wear the gear is not always an easy task, they often forget to wear it or just prefer riding without the protection period. giving them gloves (or any safety equipment in general) that look cool will ensure that they actually like the gear and do not skip wearing them before hopping on the ATV.

Other than the styling and the pricing, there isn’t much difference in protection and comfort between all major brands. most gloves these days are made from synthetic leather which improves your kids grip but it doesn’t get as hot as real leather. and there are some other gloves that are made from cloth for improved ventilation. both are adequate for light to moderate riding.

Jersey: O’Neal Youth Element Attack Jersey

Something that I forgot to mention on the glove section is that those gloves are actually part of a 3 piece bundle which consists of a jersey, pants, and the gloves. the race jersey is called O’Neal Youth Element Attack Jersey and they look just as wicked as the gloves. if you didn’t know, race jerseys are typically worn when riding on MX tracks instead of on the trails, so if your kid is going to offroad or ride around in the neighborhood then jerseys are not super important. however, they are ideal if your kid sweats a lot when riding quads. they also are long sleeved so they are perfect for those hot summer days. the jersey will protect your kid’s arms and body against sunburn and they are also very breathable.

If you are going to buy this jersey, then I would advise you also get the matching gloves and vise-versa. I personally didn’t purchase the pants because I feel like they are too expensive, but if you have the money, then get the whole bundle. kids will definitely love the look of the complete set.

Pants: O’Neal Youth Element Attack Pants

Even I’m putting these on my list, my kids do not have these pants, I’m advising that you get these if you are interested in the jersey and gloves above so that you can complete the set. wearing any pants other than this will not look good with the jersey so. the only problem with these pants is the pricing. these are pretty expensive for a pair of MX pants, let alone a kids-sized model. that’s why I decided to get something else even though I knew that I was going to ruin the overall look. If you are going to do the same as I did, then get your kids some black pants. any other color will probably look off.

MX Pants are warranted when your kid is going to be riding trails, tracks, and any uneven terrain. not only do they protect against debris and dirt, but they will also prevent your kid’s leg from scraping with the floor in case of a rollover.

Chest Protector: WINGOFFLY Kids Chest Spine Protector

First of all, it’s important to mention that roost deflectors are completely different from chest protectors. deflectors are NOT going to protect your child’s torso in case of a rollover or falling from the quad. they are way too light and not padded enough to protect the body effectively. they are used to cover the body from dirt and debris and branches instead. what you want is a chest protector, which like the name says, will thoroughly protect most your kids upper body if something goes wrong. this is the second most important thing that you could buy, a helmet being number 1, especially considering that torso injuries are sadly very common in ATV accidents.

The Wingoffly chest protector is what I’m recommending. this chest protector provides good coverage for most of the torso area, including chest, ribs, shoulders, and parts of the collarbone. I have found that proper kids chest protectors are pretty hard to find, unlike adult models. there are plenty of roost deflectors but that is a completely different thing. also, make sure that the protector that you get isn’t too tight for your kid. make sure they can breathe properly and the velcro is well adjusted.

Knee and Elbow Pads: JBM Kids Knee & Elbow Pads

The only way to get a quality set of knee and elbow pads is to pay top dollar from them. we are talking about plunking more than 80 dollars, which I’m not willing to give. I would just recommend that you get something more affordable, like JBM Kids Knee & Elbow Pads. With most cheap pads, the velcro is the main problem. it comes off all the time and kids just avoid wearing the pads after a while because of this. those pads are one of the few that will actually stay in your kids knees and elbow and not come off. if you are on a budget, then get these. the cushioning is firm but comfortable, and it provides good protection from light impacts.