Best UTV Tires For Pavement – Improve Your UTV’s Handling With These Tires!

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In recent years, UTVs have taken the offroading world by storm. Not only are they more comfortable and versatile than ATVs, but they are also nimbler and more affordable than your typical SUV. All of these things have improved the popularity of these machines, both among offroading enthusiasts but also among the general public as well. Many have even started using their UTVs in public roads, using mods to make their ride road legal, which brings me the question: Which are the best UTV tires for riding on the pavement?

Since I ride my UTV on public roads very often, I tend to use tires specifically made for on-road use. These tires are much more like conventional car tires, with a more conservative tread, and that helps with the ride quality, traction, and handling on the streets. Based on my experience, I have found the following UTV tires to be the best for pavement.

Things To Look For In UTV Tires For Pavement

Before listing the tires, I think it’s important to know what’s actually important in a tire made for on-road use. On-road tires are very similar to offroading ones, the differences are very minimal. They tend to have more conventional treading similar to car rubber, which improves handling on public roads. They also tend to feature more resistant rubber that will withstand the wear and tear of public roads. Anyways, here are a few things to look for in tires made for public roads:

  • Tread: This is the most important factor in a good on-road tire. The tread found on most offroading tires are way too aggressive for the pavement, and they won’t last long if used on your local neighborhood. On-road tires will grip the road much more effectively than the typical tires used on muddy situations, plus they will improve your side by side ride quality dramatically.
  • Price: Price is another important consideration when shopping around for a tire. Thankfully, most on-road tires aren’t super expensive, unlike higher-end offroading rubber. But still, there are a few brands that are seriously overpriced which you should really watch out for. I personally wouldn’t spend more than 300-400 bucks for a set of UTV tires, and I don’t think you shouldn’t either unless you have the budget for it. In fact, there are some very good tire sets are very affordable prices.
  • Durability: Durability is also super important in these kinds of tires. The pavement is very unkind to the rubber found on normal UTV tires, especially those meant for muddy conditions. Thankfully, Tires made for public roads are usually thicker than conventional ones, and there are some enthusiasts that suspect that the rubber itself is made from more resistant materials.

The Best UTV Tires For Pavement

SunF A021 TT Sport ATV UTV Dirt & Flat Track Tires Best On-Road Tires Ever!

Out of all the tires I have used on pavement, these stand out as the very best of them. In fact, they have everything you want in a set of tires. They do a great job of gripping the road, their thickness improves ride quality at higher speeds, and they aren’t super costly, unlike many other UTV tires on the market. These have become my favorite tires set, and I strongly recommend that you get these if you are thinking of using your UTV on the streets.

Let’s talk about the first thing that made me choose these tires: traction. These tires will grip asphalt like no other, which is perfect for a driver like me who loves fast riding and more aggressive cornering. If you are like me and love drag racing with your friends, then these are probably one of the best choices out there. As you probably noticed from the picture above, the tread on these tires are much more similar to conventional car tires, and this tread will grip the road much more effectively than the usual rubber used on UTVs.

Also, another big pro of this tire is the fact that it’s not going to affect the ride quality of your UTV. Many people shy from these kinds of tires because they believe that they are going to make their Side by side much stiffer, but this is not the case with these ones. These tires have very thick of sidewall, which is one of the factors that most affects the ride comfort of UTVs. Combine this with 6 ply construction and you won’t have any issues with comfort when riding.

Among the other benefits of these tires is that they are much more affordable than most of the competition. SunF has somehow managed to make these tires significantly cheaper than other brands without reducing quality. Now, don’t expect these tires to last more than a few years, but they are still a great value though.


  • Very Affordable
  • Excellent Choice For On-Road Use
  • Will Not Affect Ride Quality Of Your UTV


  • None

Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire – Capable On All Kinds Of Hard Surfaces

Among the tires I have used on the streets, this has been one of the better ones. The first thing I noticed when using these Carlisle tires is that they are very versatile. Not only did I use these tires on hard asphalt, but I also used them on my lawn without any traction issues. This would be a great tire for people that are going to be using their UTV on mostly hard surfaces, including grass, light dirt roads, and of course public roads.

These tires have excellent build quality, something really important given the fact that many manufacturers tend to be guilty of making crappy tires for asphalt. This is not the case with these ones though. As long as you don’t accelerate too sharply, these tires will really stand the test of time. However, while the grooves of these tires will perform well on all kinds of terrains, they will probably wear more quickly on more extreme or uneven surfaces.

These tires aren’t perfect though, and when it comes to traction on asphalt, they won’t grip as well as the SunF tires above. Not saying that these are a bad choice for public roads, but they are more of a jack-of-all trades, master of none type. If you tend to mostly ride on grass and sand, with only occasional use on paved roads, then this might be a great choice. They are also ideal for folks that do not want to be changing tires every so often.

Another thing that I must mention is that while these are a great set of tires, they are a little bit more expensive than I would like. These are pretty costly on Amazon, but from what I have heard they can be much at much cheaper prices on local stores. They are also often on sale, so it might be wise to be on the lookout for discounted prices if you find these tires to be too much for your budget.


  • Great All Around Tire For Use In All Kinds Of Terrain
  • Solid Build Quality Will Stand A Lot Of Wear and Tear


  • A Little Bit More Expensive Than I Would Like

Quadboss QBT846 28x10R-14 8-Ply Front/Rear Tire – For Extreme UTV Riders Only!

If you are only looking for the best performance on public roads, without any concerns for ride quality or offroading, then you really should take a look at these tires. Quadboss has been making quality UTV products for years now, and they have finally come up with a decent tire for hard surfaces. These tires are the very best for traction, even better than the SunF rubber above. However, you are really going to feel the road’s imperfections and they will worsen your ride quality in general.

This tire is a great choice if you have a sport UTV like a RZR or a Honda Talon. They will do a great job of putting the power down if you like to do launches on your side by side. They are also a heck of a tire for hard cornering. The sidewall of these tires is very thick which will really resist wear and tear on the outside of the rubber. If your UTV has an LSD, then these tires are pretty much a must buy.

These Quadboss tires aren’t super thick, but they still will last you a decent time. This is great because most “performance” tires tend to wear out really quickly. Not these ones though. If you use your UTV every day on the streets, expect these tires to last you at least 6 months, which is a lot compared to other brands on the market today.

When it comes to the cons, the truth is that these tires will negatively affect your UTVs ride quality. As I said above, these tires aren’t super thick, something that is beneficial performance-wise, but it’s also going to significantly stiffen up your ride. If you tend to use your UTV for more work-related activities, then you might prefer other tires on this list, like the Carlisle tires above.


  • Excellent For Whose Looking For Performance On Pavement
  • Great For Hard Cornering


  • This Tire Will Negatively Affect Your UTV’s Ride Quality

Tusk TERRABITE Heavy-Duty 8-Ply DOT Radial UTV/ATV Tires – Pretty Much Indestructible

Among all the tires of this list, this is the one that is going to last you the longest. These Tusk tires are very similar to the Carlisle brand tires above because they are very versatile, but the difference between them is that these will last you a little bit longer. However, these tires aren’t very good for more spirited riding. They are pretty thick which will really improve your UTVs ride quality, but they aren’t super wide though, which affects grip.

As I said above, the best things about these tires are that they are very resistant and long-lasting. I personally bought these tires for my RZR about a year and a half ago because one of my friends recommended that I try the brand after he used them in one of his UTVs. I eventually used them for more than a year before replacing them, which is a very long time when it comes to UTV tires. The rubber seems to be very resilient and thick, which is perfect for someone like me who likes accelerating hard on a straight line.

Also, something that I must mention is that these are all-terrain tires, but many people are now using them for on-road use because they seem to handle the pavement imperfections very well. So this means that these tires will also perform very well on more uneven terrain, like light mud conditions. The tire’s grooves will also perform very well on snow. This would make a great tire for somebody looking for a do-it-all kind of tire that performs well in all situations without sacrificing durability.

There’s something that I don’t like about this tire though, and it’s the fact that its a pretty mediocre option for more aggressive driving, both on the trails and on-road. This is good for ride quality, but I often felt like they didn’t grip the road as well as the other tires on this list. These will definitely reduce your UTVs performance, something that you will definitely notice if you use a sport UTV. However, if you tend to drive more conservatively, then these will probably be fine.


  • Very Long Lasting Tire
  • Versatile Enough To Be Used On All Kinds Of Terrains


  • Pretty Bad For Performance Oriented UTVs

GBC Kanati Mongrel (10ply) DOT 25×8-12 and 25×10-12 UTV Tires – Premium Rubber, Premium Price

First released in 2012, These tires from GBC Motorsports are perfect for folks looking for a nice balance between performance and comfort. One of the main pros about these tires is the 10-ply construction, ideal for both aggressive driving and comfortable cruising, making this one of the best choices if you can only have 1 tire for all terrains. However, one of this tire’s cons is the fact that they can be pretty expensive. They are completely worth it in my opinion, but you could find better tires at its price point.

GBC has been making quality products for a few years now, and the same thing can be said about this tire. They are one of the first tires made specifically for on-road use, and they are really good at that. Expect this tire to grip the road very well, especially around corners. The sidewall of these tires is specifically made for hard cornering, which is a perfect match for sport UTVs like a RZR or a Yamaha Wolverine. Additionally, the 10-ply construction ensures that the tires do not prematurely wear, a common problem among on-road tires.

Another big pro about this tire is that it’s not going to significantly affect the ride quality of your UTV. it’s not going to beat you up, unlike many other on-road tires out there. This is because of several reasons, including the thick sidewall, 10-ply construction as I said above, and high-quality rubber. Just don’t expect your UTV to feel like a cloud when you start using these. You could say that these tires are a nice middle point between very hard and very soft ride quality.

Now as I said above, this tire is going to cost a pretty penny. These tires are officially marketed as a performance tire by GBC and that is true for the price tag too. I would argue that there are better choices for an all in 1 tire out there, so if you are on a budget, then checking out a different tire might be recommended. Now, don’t get me wrong, these are a hell of a tire, but it’s just that not everybody will be willing to plunk what they are worth, especially if the buyer is going to use them for riding on pavement.


  • Great And Tough For Aggressive Driving
  • Very Durable Construction


  • Can Be Expensive For Some

Make Sure You Buy The Correct Tires For Your UTV’s Wheels!

If you are interested in one of the recommendations posted above, you need to make sure that they fit your wheel in the first place. And to do that, you are going to have to learn how UTV tires are measured. First of all, all tires are measured by a set of three numbers, just like this


The first number measures the tire height, the second one measures the tire width, and the third one measures the wheel diameter. Out of the 3 numbers, the most important one is the third one. You need to make sure that number matches up with your wheels diameter number. This number can be found on the outside of the wheel itself.

For more information on how to measure wheel sizes, click here.