How To Quiet ATV Exhaust Noise

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One of the things that most piss me off about riding ATVs is that they are super loud. now, don’t get me wrong, I love riding them all the time and I never get tired of them, but there are some times that you just want to gently cruise and enjoy the landscape peacefully and not get bothered by anything. sadly, Loud exhausts are pretty much universal in the world of ATVs and so unless you have an electric quad, which are super rare, then you most likely will want to know how to quiet down your ride. while you won’t be able to dramatically affect the exhaust’s loudness, you can definitely lower it’s decibel levels by about 10 to 15 which will be really appreciated.

And there are 2 ways to actually lower the decibel levels of your machine. there is the DIY option, which consists in getting tubes, and welding tools and making a homemade muffler and soldering it to the exhaust pipe, and there is also the option of buying an aftermarket muffler or exhaust silencer. both options are going to solve the problem, one costs more than another, one will require soldering, and the other one will only consist of a normal exhaust installation.

Why Should You Silence Your Quad?

The first and most important reason is to protect your hearing. Quads are super loud, especially when revving. some people have taken the time to calculate db levels, including me, and they often are higher than 90, enough to affect your hearing permanently. this isn’t an issue if you ride quads only occasionally, but if you are riding pretty much every day because of work reasons, then I would advise that you do something about the noise of the machine, or at least earplugs.


People that like hunting will also benefit from silencing their quad. even though you won’t be able to silence your quad more than 25% at most, that is still pretty significant. hunters complain that the drowning noise of a 4-wheeler makes it more likely that the game will flee. if this is your case, then installing a silencer or repacking your muffler is your best bet.

Aftermarket Exhaust Silencers

The Silent Rider silencer installed on a Polaris

This is what I would recommend the most. there are several exhaust and muffler systems that will quiet down your quad, usually about 10-15 decibels at most, which is going to be very noticeable as soon as start the quad up. while some of these are quite pricey, they are definitely worth your cash, especially if you are a hunter or are just tired of the loudness in general. and there are several options available in the market right now.

The most popular solution right now is from a company called The Silent Rider. they are the best choice if you are looking to silence your quad quickly and without much hassle. the first impression that you are going to get at first sight is that it resembles a normal muffler. some silencers in their lineup use a bolt-on adapter to attach itself to the quad by removing the stock exhaust tip and then attaching the silencer by some bolts that come with the box.

There are also some Silent Rider silencers that only require forcing the silencer through the exhaust tip and then securing it with some clamps that come with the silencer. this means that you could do the installation in under 5 minutes with no professional help needed. so, in general, your best bet is getting a silencer. keep in mind that the silencers are not “one size fits all” you are going to have to check which silencer fits your quad. if you have a popular model, then you shouldn’t have a problem finding something that fits your ride.

Repacking Your Exhaust:

Repacking means replacing the fibrous material inside your ATVs muffler. the way that the silence packing works is that it “absorbs” some of the noise the engine makes so that it comes out as quietly as possible. if you have an older quad and don’t have the money to get an aftermarket silencer, then this is the best option. it might be possible that the packing in your exhaust might be all spent up. if that is the case, then the noise levels will be amplified. check this video out to get an idea on how to repackage your exhaust.

DIY Option

This is the third option available, and there are several ways to do this. the first one consists on soldering some metal pipes to your machine exhausts. and the other option consists in soldering a car muffler to it. I assume that since the car muffler is bigger than the stock muffler in an ATV, it will do a great job of silencing the quad.  I have checked some tutorial videos that show you how to do it like this one. he soldered a truck muffler to his ATV.

Earmuffs Or Earplugs

If there is no way to silence your quad, then the next options would be getting some earplugs or earmuffs. this is not the best option because obviously, you won’t be able to hear noises from the environment, which is important because of safety reasons. this is for the people that simply are just tired of the loudness of their quad, and are willing to do anything to avoid the noise.

Other Ways To Reduce Noise Of Your Quad.

The loudness of your quad might also be from a problem or issue on your engine. I would advise changing the oil regularly and doing the proper maintenance to avoid any rattling. if your quad is vibrating erratically, then taking it to a mechanic might be the best option.

Getting fatter tires is also going to reduce the noise the quad makes. this is because thin tires have less rubber sidewall to absorb the road’s impact. so getting something fatter like offroading tires will make a noticeable difference.