What Should You Wear When Using An ATV?

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There are a few questions that as I spend more and more time riding quads and meeting with enthusiasts and new riders alike, I start to hear more and more. What should you wear when quad riding? while with some people its a pretty simple deal and they just ride with some simple pants and a tank top if its not too sunny, some other folks wear something completely different. anyways, i have been on both sides so i can understand both. anyways, im going to give my point of view regarding this and also im going to tell you what type of clothing is best for trail and track driving.

What Should You Wear When Using An ATV? the short answer to that question is whatever you feel comfortable riding with. this is pretty obvious but it quite overlooked. I think comfort should always be the number 1 thing to look for when riding quads. so this may mean wearing a pair of shorts with some sneakers and a soft cotton t-shirt or even a tank top. wearing a helmet is also super important. now, if you are looking to step up your game or you are a person loves ripping through a trail or a track, then wearing specific ATV/Dirtbike clothing and safety gear is imperative. these will cover you against dirt, and the safety equipment will protect you in case of an accident. the equipment is also very stylish and will make you look like a pro.

Something that is also very important is wearing the correct clothing for your riding skill or level. if you are someone who is just starting to ride ATVs and are just learning the ropes, then it might be wise to just wear loose clothing that is comfortable while you get the hang of handling the ATV. after you are past that stage and start riding faster and even riding in a track, then the next step is buying some track clothing and gear. apart from the fact that track gear looks super cool and kickass, they are also important because they will protect you very well in case an accident occurs. at the very least a helmet should be considered. anyways, I talk about the pros and cons of casual versus track clothing below.

Pros and Cons Of The 2 Options. 

The best thing you can do is obviously vary between wearing both casual clothing when chilling in the quad and pulling out the flashy jerseys and wearing the safety helmet and goggles when going to ride fast or on a track or trail. it will also depend a lot on the climate of where you live in. 

Pros of wearing Casual clothing when riding:

  • Clothing is generally super comfy which allows you to focus on what’s ahead.
  • You do not need to buy anything because you already have the stuff to wear.
  • Might be a necessity if you find that track clothing is way too hot for your body.

Cons of wearing casual clothing when riding:

  • Unless you have a shirt made from special fabrics with sweat absorption, casual clothing is inferior when it comes to perspiration and ventilation.
  • Provides inferior protection and materials which are either too heavy (jeans) or too light ( undershirts) for optimal riding.
  • Definitely not as cool or stylish as track clothing!

Pros of wearing ATV riding gear when riding:

  • Superior protection from bumps, dirt, branches, sun, you name it. the wearing of ATV boots, goggles, helmets will always ensure that you are safer in case of something bad happening. 
  • ATV riding gear is super stylish. it’s pretty easy to look for a jersey which fits the color of your ATV and if you combine with the whole package of helmet, goggles, kneepads, and pants, you can easily get confused by a pro or something haha.
  • ATV gear or clothing might be mandatory if you live in colder climates. nobody wants to be caught riding at 16C wearing a pair of flip-flops and some sweatpants.

Cons of wearing ATV riding gear when riding:

  • You are going to obviously going to have to pay for the riding gear. depending of what you buy,  getting the gear might be quite cheap or it might make a dent in your wallet.
  • Sometimes depending on what you are using, the riding gear might be pretty uncomfortable, especially in hotter climates.
  • Depending on where you live, it might be pretty hard to get the ATV riding gear that you are looking for. Amazon is always an option, but its generally more expensive than going to a traditional physical store.

What NOT To Wear When Riding ATVs

So I mentioned what you should be riding with, but how about the no-nos of clothing? there are a few obvious cases when it comes to this. you should obviously avoid riding with anything that is too bulky. this is going to affect your mobility, and its probably going to be real uncomfortable when sitting on your quad. I would avoid wearing belts when riding or at least don’t tighten them that much.

Anyways, I would also avoid riding with flip-flops on. the reason for this is that if you are riding a manual quad, it’s going to be easier to shift up if you wear some sneakers or some ATV boots. there’s a chance that you might lose the sandals while riding or maybe it might get stuck with a scrub or maybe even the quad itself. 

I recommend that you avoid riding with any clothing that doesnt fit you ATV riding gear included. its better wearing nothing than wearing something that fits too loose or its too tight. you obviously dont want to wear a helmet that is too loose or too restricting. wearing a jersey that doesnt fit you is going to feel to restricting after a few minutes of riding the quad. 

Recommended Riding Clothing And Gear When Riding ATVs

I mentioned that the ideal clothes way to ride in ATVs are cool jerseys and pants that will cover you against the sun and debris, and some safety gear like a helmet and a pair of kneepads to reduce the change of injury if something happens. anyways, maybe you might be wondering what equipment should you buy first or what brand should you buy or where can I something decent for me and my kids. so in this part of an article, I decided to make a personal list of my favorite riding gear. this is a list of equipment that me and my sons are using right now to ride and I think they are the best products available for the price. anyways, a more comprehensive list of the riding gear and equipment that I recommend can be found my clicking this list

If you are kind of on a budget but still want to buy some gear, try not to skip buying a helmet. since head injuries are by far the most common serious injury that people suffer from when riding quads, it makes sense to get a good helmet, especially if you are starting to ride faster and faster. anyways, without further ado, here’s the list of my recommended clothing and gear:

1. Jersey: Fox Racing 180 Race Men’s Riding ATV Jersey

This is the best jersey available under 50$

The first thing that you should be looking for is a good riding jersey. and there are a lot of companies that make a good jersey and there is also a lot of variety when it comes to colors and styles. the jersey that I’m using right now is called the Fox Racing 180 Race Men’s Riding ATV Jersey. you guys know that I love fox gear, and the same can be said for this wonderful jersey. I have the black and white one and my eldest son has the blue with yellow because he likes that it matches with his quad. anyways, this jersey is super breathable and is ideal for hot climates. I don’t think you can find something better for the price.

For a more thorough review of this jersey, please click on this link 

2. Pants: Shift White Label Tarmac Pants

These Shift Tarmac pants are currently the best value for your money in 2019. these pants are super lightweight and aren’t as expensive as other offerings in the market. the only problem about them is that they are not as breathable than something that O’neal or Fox would be, but is compensated by the fact that these pants are drastically cheaper than the pants from those brands. 

3. Helmet: O’Neal 2SERIES Men’s SPYDE Helmet

Best Graphics Ever

The most important piece of equipment on this list, I believe this is the best helmet available for the price. first of all, this helmet looks SICK. pictures do not really do it justice. I orange color but there are like 5 other colors available for you to match with your jersey or your pants. aside from the super cool styling, this helmet provides ample protection for the whole head and part of the neck. this helmet meets the DOT (Department of Transportation) standards and also the ECE 22-18 which is used in Europe.

For a more thorough review of this helmet, please click on this link.

4. Boots: Fox Comp 5 ATV Boots

When it comes to boots, try to spend a little more money to get something that will last you some time. there are a lot of cheap and crappy boots out there which will not withstand much wear and tear. the pair of boots that I recommend that you buy are called the Fox Comp 5 and I think they are the very best boots available under 500$. these babies have ridiculous build quality and they are pretty comfy and ergonomic for the price point. 

For a more thorough review of these boots please click on this link

5. Goggles: Oakley O-Frame MX Flight Series Falcons

If you decided to buy a helmet, you probably know that the front part of the helmet. this is so that you can wear a pair of goggles. Oakley goggles are very well made. they look and feel like something much more expensive. anyways, the goggles in the link have clear lens, but if you are somebody who rides exclusively in the day, I would recommend polarized lens because they will also protect you against the sun’s UV rays.

For a more thorough review of these boots please click on this link