These Are The Best ATV Hunting Blinds: This Is How You Can Get One

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In the hunting world, ATVs are one of the vehicles of choice for those hunters that need to travel long distances to find game. they are super convenient, comfortable, and other than the noise that they make, they are the ideal method of transportation for chasing and bringing prey back home. There are also many tools that hunters use to catch game, including hunting blinds, which act as cover to hide from deer or bison. there are hunting blinds that you can even attach to your ATV so that it covers you while you ride.

On this article, I talk a little bit more about hunting blinds and ATV cabs, why they are awesome, and why you should have them at the top of your shopping list if you are a hunter. they are kind of a must-have if you have been having problems with following your prey, plus getting one isn’t very expensive. all in all, if you are a hunting enthusiast that wants to take your hunting game to the next level, then read on!

What Are ATV Hunting Blinds?

An ATV hunting blind (or ATV cab) is exactly what you think it is: a camouflaged cover made from different materials, which is used to stay undetected by wild game. And if you are a hunter, you probably know how hard it can to track down and keep up with certain animals, such as Coues deer or Mountain Goat. and that’s where the blind comes in. attaching a blind to your UTV or ATV is going to be really helpful to catch this prey. there are even some blinds which will cover the entire UTVs, which makes it seem like a box on wheels. that way you can move with a 4 wheeled machine but can also shoot in relative comfort.

Where Can You Get One?

There are many places that you can get a hunting blind. and the first option is a physical store. Dick Sporting Goods has always been known as one of the to-go places when it comes to hunting. while they might not have such a varied selection of blinds, It doesn’t really hurt to go there and take a look at what they have. Other stores that have hunting blinds available include Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas.

But what I really recommend you to do is to go to Amazon to get one. and this is because of several reasons. the first one is that the variety of blinds is going to be significantly bigger. physical stores will probably have 2 or 3 different blinds, which an online retailer like Amazon is going to have dozens of them. and not only that, another big benefit of buying online is the fact that physical stores tend to be quite overpriced. the only way that you are going to get a cheaper deal at the store is if there’s a significant discount added.

And don’t make me talk about the return policy. Amazon currently has a no questions asked return policy which means that you can return several objects every year without paying a cent, something that can’t be said with physical stores, which might not even have a return policy in the first place. anyways, if you are going to be buying a hunting blind, I recommend that you go and buy it from Amazon because of the reasons above.

Best Hunting Blinds and ATV Cabs Available

Now, this article wouldn’t be finished with a list of the best ATV hunting blinds available. the best hunting blinds are the ones that are sturdy, feature significant cover room to cover your body, your gear and your machine, all while being relatively affordable for what you are getting. There are definitely some outliers that shine over the others. If you are thinking of getting a hunting blind or a cab, then you definitely can’t go wrong with these choices!

Raider Metal & Nylon ATV Cab – Most Popular Choice

When it comes to hunting blinds, this is one of the most popular models, and also the one that I’m most recommending right now. First of all, the materials on this cab are top notch. the frame is made from sturdy metal which does a great job of holding the nylon cover in place, all while holding its own against both debris and wind. the frame is not flimsy at all, and you can notice the build quality as soon as you install it on the ATV.

The soft material in this UTV is made tough nylon, which will ensure that you do not get too hot on the inside while insulating well against outside particles like dirt and rain. the only thing that this blind sadly doesn’t have is an opening so that you can aim at deer or ducks. you could always make a hole through the nylon so that you can aim, but the best thing would have been having a hole factory made.

Guide Gear Black ATV Cab & Hunting Blind – Solid Runner Up

This ATV Cab/Hunting blind is a solid alternative to the Raider blind shown above. The first pro about this is the pricing. it is significantly cheaper than the model shown above, which is something to think about if you are on a budget. for less than 200$ you are getting a blind that is very well-made, with a solid stamped steel frame which feels lightweight but durable. however, every product has its cons, and being inside the cab for more than an hour or so gets pretty hot.

As you can see from the picture, the covering is black and not camo, which is going to make you more visible the moment you start riding and trying to get your prey. Other than that, this is a great alternative to the Raider above, especially if you are on a budget. but the fact that this blind does not come in camo might be a dealbreaker for some.

Black Widow ATV Cab Enclosure & Blind – Biggest Cab Available

The Black Widow ATV Cab is an excellent choice for bigger folks. it’s the biggest blind available, and so anybody over 250 lb or over 6 feet 2 will really appreciate this. One of the main benefits of this is that it’s pretty affordable. big hunting blinds and cabs can get really expensive, but this is the exception. as the second choice, this is great if you are on a budget. another pro the Black Widow has is that it features a camo pattern which tends to go well in dense woods or places with lots of vegetation in general. pair this with an ATV or UTV that has a brown or earthly color and detecting you will be a challenge.

The only con about this product is that when compared to the other 2 options above, the frame of this is a little bit more flimsy and soft. now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that this product is not well made, but when compared with the Raider especially, it kind of feels on the cheaper side, which it is, but it’s not exactly a great impression.