The Best ATV/UTV Fuel Cans – Avoid Running Out Of Fuel!

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These Are The Best ATV/UTV Fuel Cans Available

For people who are going to be riding quads/UTVs deep into a trail for hours on end, fuel is an important consideration. After riding deep into the woods, running out of gas could be a nightmare, especially if it’s nearing nighttime and you don’t have a gas station nearby. thankfully, you can always just ride around with some extra gas, and the best way to do so is getting a good fuel can or two.

But not all fuel cans are made the same though. In this article, I talk about the best fuel cans in the market today, considering factors such as ergonomics, pricing, ease of use, and size. carrying extra gas might be super important for some of you, and so getting a high-quality fuel can that won’t leak any fuel is very important!

What You Should Be Looking For In A Fuel Can

So like I suggested above, there are many fuel cans on the market, including some pretty crappy ones that will leak fuel and are rather awkward to use. So it’s important that you get something made from high-quality plastic or other material that will not break or leak. besides that, there are other things that you should be looking for in your can, such as:

  • Material: This is, in my opinion, the most important thing that you must worry about. You should either be looking for Aluminum, Steel or some special, durable plastics. they each have their pros and cons. for example, metal gas cans might be more durable and protective than plastic ones, but they also can get quite hot if you are riding on a sunny, hot day. by using a plastic fuel can you can avoid this, and plastic is also generally cheaper and lighter, but it tends to break more easily than harder materials. so fuel can material will depend a lot of your personal situation.
  • Ergonomics & Ease Of Use: Another thing that matters is the ease of use of the fuel can. Many UTVs & ATVs have their fuel caps in awkward places that makes refilling gas uncomfortable with the average fuel pack or fuel can. That’s why getting a fuel can with a small hose or a nozzle will be really appreciated. Other things that matter include the size, and if the gas pack has handles so that you can refill the gas easily.
  • Price: Obviously, nobody wants to spend a fortune on this. many of you guys reading this probably just need the gas pack for a few rides a month, so It has to be something that is affordable. Anything over a hundred bucks is a no-go for me and probably agree.
  • Weight: If you are like me, you probably hate riding while carrying a lot of stuff. If you prefer to pack light and don’t like carrying extra gear, then a heavyweight fuel can might be a deal breaker. Thankfully there are a lot of light fuel cans that can also be easily stored, and while they might not carry as much gas, it might be a worthy tradeoff for some.

Best Fuel Cans For ATVs/Side-By-Sides

No-Spill Poly Gas Can (Click To Check Price On Amazon) – Best Fuel Can On The Market!

This is, in my opinion, the best Fuel Can you can get. and this is because it’s great in every department that I mentioned above. The model that I’m recommending is the 2-1/2 gallon model, and It fills up a gas tank at a rate of 3 gallons per minute, fast enough to ensure that you aren’t off your ATV for long. 

This gas tank has a very neat feature which consists of a button that you work with your thumb so that you can stop pouring gasoline the moment that you want. it’s actually pretty simple to use: just press it and the gas starts pouring and when your gallon is full, just depress the button. this feature and the next one is why the gas can is called No-Spill.

Also, another really great feature is the fact that the gas can will stop pouring gas when the tank is full. The gas can uses some mechanisms to automatically stop so that you don’t accidentally overflow the tank. this is a genius feature that you will really appreciate, given that you cannot really see well how much gas there is in the average ATV fuel tank.

Also, the gas can looks much smaller in person, perfect if you are just going to carry smaller amounts of gasoline. however, since this gas can is not shaped like a bottle it’s a little bit harder to store. but as long as you have a decent storage space on your machine, you should be fine.

Something that amazed me about this is the fact that this gas can is super cheap. I think this is one of more bang for your buck gas cans on the market, and because of this fact, this No-Spill can is a great choice for people on a budget.

MSR Liquid Fuel Bottle (Click To Check Price On Amazon) – Light Weight And Affordable Price

This petite bottle is perfect for those ATV/UTV riders looking for a more compact solution to their gas carrying problems. This is perfect if you have a smaller ATV that doesn’t use that much fuel or are just going to be riding short distances and so do not need to carry that much fuel. its also made from aluminum, perfect for those who prefer a more protective material for their gas cans.

The main reason you buy this is because of its size. many people (like me!) do not really like to be carrying around a lot of luggage or gear when trail riding, especially if it’s not necessary. And that’s where this gas container comes in. While it doesn’t have much volume inside, it will hold enough gasoline for a few extra kilometers if your ride runs out of gas, which might be just enough to get to a gas station.

Another big pro is that this is made of aluminum. I said at the beginning of this article that one of the materials that you should be looking for in gas cans are metals, and avoiding leaks is one of the reasons why. This container is made from very high-quality aluminum, which means that it’s not going to break on you if you accidentally drop it on a rock or something. The only con is that it might get hotter than a typical plastic gas container though, which is something to keep in mind if it gets hot where you ride.

Another con about this gas container is the fact that that it’s the one that holds the least gas on this list. while most options here are going to hold over 2 and 3 gallons of gas without a problem, this will only hold 30 ounces, which isn’t even a gallon. you can remedy this by buying multiple cans, but that means that you are going to have to save more space for said cans. Anyways, just something to keep in mind.



Rotopax Fuel Pack (Click To Check Price On Amazon) – The Perfect Solution To Carrying Fuel Packs

The Rotopax has long been a favorite among ATV riders and offroading enthusiasts in general. One of the cooler features of this gas can has to do with the fact that you can attach the container to your ride of choice using a special mount, which will free up a lot of space for other stuff like food and other supplies. This, combined with the fact that the Rotopax is made from a special plastic barrier that prevents leakage, makes this one of the best gas cans available for offroading enthusiasts. but it has some critical flaws though.

First of all, let’s talk about the mount system. if you check the picture at your right, you are going to notice that the fuel can has an opening kind of shaped like an oval or a lean rectangle or a similar shape. you insert the mount through that opening, and you securely lock it in. the end result is riding with the gas container hanging by the side or by the back. riding this way will free up a lot of space, perfect for ATV riders. installing the mount is simply a matter of screwing a few bolts on your ride.

When it comes to how much gas this bad boy can hold, there are between 1-gallon to 4-gallon fuel containers available. The Rotopax doesn’t have the No-Spill goodness of the first 2 options, but pouring the gas isn’t the hardest thing in the world either, so I don’t think that your gas will spill in the first place.

Now every product has its pros and cons, and one of the bad things about this gas can is the pricing. more specifically, this is one of the most expensive cans available, especially considering that you must also buy the mount for this. while it isn’t something exorbitant, I personally wouldn’t pay this, especially considering there are several great competitors to this.

Sure, the Rotopax might be the highest quality product on this list, but I personally tend to stick with a price point when it comes to these products, and so going for something cheaper is the wiser choice for me. but if you really need something that is going to last the test of time, and the mounting system is something that you are interested in, then this might be worth a look.

TFCFL Gas Can (Click To Check Price On Amazon) – Cheaper And Just As Capable As The Rotopax

This Gas Can from TFCFL is pretty similar to the Rotopax above. It has the same openings for an attachment mount, and it also comes with a hose for easier gas pouring. The hose has a no-spill design like some entries above, and in general, this is a good alternative to the Rotopax.

A big pro about this gas can is the fact that its a good value for your money. you get the gas can plus the hose at under 50 dollars, which makes this quite cheaper than the Rotopax, while still providing an opening for an attachment mount. This is no slouch when it comes to gallon capacity either, with this container being able to hold 5 liters so you can make sure you won’t be running out of gas on the woods.

When it comes to the negatives, this gas can just won’t have the same quality as the other ones above. It might hold a lot of gas but the plastic isn’t as high-quality and can be vulnerable to breaking or leaking gas if dropped. just something to keep in mind.





Tuff Jug Red Fuel Container (Click To Check Price On Amazon) – Loads Of Volume In A Slim Package

For those who are looking for a slimmer gas container that can still hold significant amounts of gasoline, all while being easy to use and carry around, this is for you! the Tuff Jug has been around for some time now, and it has never disappointed when it comes to quality.

The first pro about the Tuff Jug is the fact that this holds a ridiculous amount of gas given its size. like I said above, this isn’t a very bulky gas can which makes you think that It doesn’t hold much liquid inside, but this baby can hold over 4 gallons of gasoline actually, perfect for those long rides on the woods or if you are going to need the gasoline for more than 1 ATV/UTV.

As you can see from the picture, this gas container has a nozzle that assists you with actually pouring the gas down the tank. this is something that you should be looking for on the gas can that you choose so that you don’t spill any gas. The nozzle on the Tuff Jug fuel container seals to your tank, making sure that no gas is wasted, and just like the No-Spill tank above, this gas can has a mechanism that stops pouring the fuel as soon as the tank is full.

Now, there are a few reasons why this is actually not the best gas can, and one of the main ones is the pricing. this is a little bit more expensive than the No-Spill gas can above, which might be an issue for cost-conscious riders like me. Now, don’t get me wrong. I actually think this is priced competitively, but when compared to the No-Spill, it’s about double the price, enough to consider going for that gas container instead.

So to summarize, this is a great choice for people who are looking for a fuel can that can hold a lot of gasoline while being rather compact and easy to carry around and store. However, it’s not the best product available, simply because of pricing issues. if this were 20 dollars cheaper it would be the first product on this list.