Can I Ride An ATV While Pregnant? Avoid Problems With These Recommendations

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Can I Ride An ATV When Pregnant?

Back when I was visiting an Ohio trail I saw a few pregnant ladies accompanying their husbands in their ATV. it seems that they were enthusiasts too since they were riding the ATVs. and that made me think, is riding an ATV while pregnant something dangerous? could it harm the unborn creature inside the womb? the lady I was talking about had a pretty big belly, about 7 months pregnant, so I didn’t think it that riding on the machine was the best idea, even though she was going rather slow.

Riding a quad while pregnant is often not the best idea, especially if you are riding fast or are traveling on a bumpy trail. ATVs can be quite dangerous (they are more dangerous than a dirtbike) because they are big heavy machines and so they call easily roll over, crushing the passenger.

Another reason why riding an ATV while pregnant is not a good idea is that of all the bumps you feel while riding an ATV. they can negatively affect the baby inside because, especially when it’s less than 3 months of pregnancy, the baby is in a critical state of development. a woman might not be especially bothered by smallish bumps, but it might affect the unborn baby inside the womb!

Now, there are some people that might disagree with this, even doctors. they say that light and slow ATV activity can be fine for a mother and that it won’t present a problem for the creature inside. I have seen it with my own eyes women that ride quads pretty much every week while pregnant and they eventually have normal deliveries without much fuss.

The key here is to go slow and steady since I’m certain that a fall from an ATV can be something disastrous. I would personally be safe than sorry and avoid quads unless you have some experience riding them.

Riding While Pregnant: Is It Dangerous For The Unborn?

Just like jumping and other similar exercises done while pregnant, riding an ATV can hurt the baby inside. one of the risks of using a quad rather forcefully or fast is premature labor. this is because you are moving the child inside the womb because of all the bouncing. doing this disrupts the child normal development.

Your uterus will also likely pound on your cervix when there’s a lot of bumps. and that force increases the risk of having a premature delivery, believe it or not. one last thing is the vibrations of the quad. some people have said that it’s not the best thing for somebody who is pregnant. so if your quad of choice vibrates like a 2000s phone it might be wise to avoid riding until giving birth.

It’s always best to exercise caution when it comes to this and to listen to your body. there are sometimes that you might feel nauseous or dizzy when riding an ATV and that is a signal to stop. it’s better to just still to more grounded activities instead of using a quad.

Safety Tips:

I would also recommend installing nerf bars if going offroading

If you are still looking to use a quad it’s important to have some safety rules in mind. The first one is to avoid speeding or using the ATV for heavy offroading. this avoids the bumping that might mess with your belly, and most importantly, it avoids possible rollovers when riding in general.

Something else to consider is using safety equipment, especially in the torso. using a safety chest protector can be a lifesaver. this is the one that I’m using right now and it does an excellent job of protecting me. I would recommend that one to any pregnant women if they insist on riding ATVs or UTVs. the protector has soft padding inside that can cushion the belly and other soft parts of the body. just make sure that you buy a Large or XL so that your belly fits inside the protector. Another good tip is to use lighter, shorter ATVs. heavy quads with a lot of displacement generally have a higher center of gravity and so they can be harder to maneuver. sticking to a lighter, less powerful quad is the wiser choice for pregnant women.

My last tip would be learning how to ride a quad more safely. I made a complete guide on riding an ATV and in that guide there is a lot of tips that teach you how to ride as safely as possible. I highly recommend it!


Even though there are some people that might do it, the general consensus is that it’s better to hop off the quad for a while until your kid is born. even though I haven’t heard any horror stories of women losing their offspring, it definitely can happen if you are not careful.

The problem is the bumps that you take when you ride the machine, especially at higher speeds, they can hurt the creature inside. just like some exercises like jumping jacks are harmful for pregnant ladies, going fast on a quad can be something harmful too!

But if you are really deadset on riding the quad, going at a slower speed and avoiding offroading can limit the risks that you run.