Can You Use Car Tires In A ATV?

In ATV Setups by Kevin

Can I use car tires in a 4wheeler

Tires are an important piece of the quad equation. you have the main parts which include the engine and the transmission with work together to obviously provide the power that moves you forward. then you have the suspension and frame which holds everything together so that you can ride in a civilized manner. however, without the tires, a quad won’t go anywhere, it will just rev! and so it’s essential that you get a good set of ATV tires that fit the environment that you are going to ride on. but sometimes you just don’t have tires available, but you have car tires though. so the question is: can you use car tires in a 4Wheeler?

And the answer is no! you cannot use car tires on an ATV because the tire simply does not fit. cars wheels have different lug nut spacing and that makes it impossible for the wheel to get in.  however, I have seen a video of a person that did successfully install car tires in an ATV but it was an intricate process. you can check it out here.