Does Riding an ATV Burn Calories?

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Does Riding An ATV Burn Calories?

Yesterday, my wife decided to go on a diet and so she started a new exercise routine. she used to be quite active when she was a teenager ( she used to play softball) and in her 20s too, but over the years her life had become a bit more sedentary and then the weight gain came. while I love my wife and think that she is beautiful, I also noticed her weight gain and decided to help her with her weight loss journey. I was thinking of a fun activity that we could both do together and I thought about what I do pretty much every week: ATV riding! I thought to myself: does riding a quad burn any calories? and if it does, how much?

And the answer is that riding a quad is something that is too passive for it to burn calories. I’m no doctor or dietician but I guess that it would burn 30 calories more than just lying around or standing. it’s just that riding a quad is way too easy for most of us. you just get in top of the machine, turn it on, and ride on. nothing physical about it!

Now something that quad could help dieters in is avoiding cravings because if you are riding a quad you forget about food for a while. this is something obvious but it’s also the only thing that could benefit a dieter. the farther you are from a refrigerator the better you are going to do right??

So if you are looking for an activity to complement your diet I recommend dirtbiking over ATV riding because when you are riding a dirtbike you need to balance yourself over the machine and that means using your obliques pretty much all the time. also, you are going to have to make an effort and move the handlebars. sure, it’s not exactly running on a treadmill but it’s better than lying around on a couch waiting until it’s 8 PM so that you can eat that can of tuna.

The only way that riding quads is going to burn calories is if you are riding hard on a motocross trail. you have probably seen videos of people sliding around and doing jumps. I’m talking about that. anything softer than that and it’s probably not going to help you. the other way that quad riding could help you burn calories is if you use a lot of clothes and safety gear and that heats your body up.