How Much Does A UTV Cost?

In ATV Setups by Kevin

Side by Sides, also known as UTVs, are considered the ATVs bigger brother, and with good reason. not only are they bigger, but they are also generally more expensive than your run of the mill ATV, which is pretty understandable considering that UTVs have more mass and have more powerful engines. but a better question would be: how much does the average UTV cost? I’m just recently riding side by sides and so I don’t really know the average asking prices for them, so I decided to ask a few acquaintances when it comes to pricing.

And what I found out is that while prices are going to obviously vary, the average Sport UTV is going to cost you about $15,000 dollars. now like I said, prices are going to vary a lot depending on what specific model it is. for example, a Utility UTV like a Kawasaki Mule is going to be super cheap at under $10,000 dollars, but you can also find more costly side by sides like a Honda Talon which can go for over 20,000$. These are the figures for new UTVs, so if you are looking to buy a side by side, going for the used market might be wise if you have a constrained budget.

And many people are a little bit shocked when they first learn how costly these babies can be. but after riding a side by side everyday for a week, I’m finally convinced that it’s definitely worth it. one of the main things that I would recommend if you are looking for one is to get one that actually fits your needs. there are several types of side by sides available and not all of them are made for recreation. if you just want the UTV to ride around on a trail, then I personally would recommend that you get a Polaris RZR. they are super fun! anyways, below I talk a little bit more about UTV prices and why are they so costly.

So Why Exactly Are They So Costly?

So this is a pretty interesting question: why exactly are they as expensive as a new entry-level car? and there are several reasons why this happens. first of all, UTVs are an industry that isn’t as developed as the automotive industry. that means that making a UTV is more expensive because of fewer production numbers. another reason why they are so costly is that UTVs and ATVs have always been known as a utility tool, well suited for farm work. people working on a farm can have more than 3 or 4 side by sides available and they need them because their work involves a lot of grazing and where to put stuff, which side by sides can help with.

Another reason is that even though they are quite costly, people keep buying them. now like I said on the top part some people actually buy these machines to work, so sometimes it’s not even a choice. thankfully, there are some ways to save some money when buying a UTV. below I provide a few tips on how to get a good deal on the UTV.

Which UTV Class Is Best For You?

Now, if you are looking at this article, chances are that you are looking for a new UTV. if this is the case, then researching which UTV you are interested in is useful to help you decide. if you didn’t know, there are 2 main UTV types available. these are sport and utility. sport, as the name says, are the UTVs with a rougher suspension, better handling, and a more powerful engine. these quads are great for fast driving with a friend or family member, on a trail. and utility side by sides are more suited for working conditions, they usually have more space and cargo room, and tend to be bulkier or slower than sport quads. anyways, below I talk a little bit more about the 2 UTV classes

  • Sport: If you are familiarized with ATV, then it’s pretty much the same thing when it comes to side by sides. sport UTVs are the more athletic machine. they are made mostly for recreative and fast riding. this is the equivalent of a sports motorcycle, which is made for high performance, but they aren’t as comfortable as a more rudimentary UTV. this is recommended for people who like speed and are just looking for fun. if you are looking for a machine to work, then a Utility UTV might be better for you.
  • Utility: Utility UTVs might not be as fun or as fast as sport models, but they are definitely more dependable and comfortable. this is the model that you want if you are looking for a work tool, or if you prefer utility UTVs in general. the suspension on these is much more forgiving too, which might be something to keep in mind if you have a bad back. utility UTVs are also generally roomier than sports models.

How To Get A Good Deal On A New UTV

If you are reading this article, then there are chances that you are looking to buy a UTV, either new or used. and while it’s no secret that they are very expensive, there are thankfully ways to get something good on a budget. if you are looking to buy your UTV from a dealership, then you are going to have to haggle with the financing office. and there are several tips on how to do this.

Something that I do every time that I go to an ATV store is telling them a price and refusing to buy until that price is met. This is going to be the first tip on pretty much every negotiation guide and for good reason. You can do this by going to a different place, getting a price quote on something, writing it down, and then going to the other place with the price written down. you can tell them that another place has given you an out of door price and that you are there to see if they can get you something cheaper. say it in a firm, but polite way. it’s pretty likely that you are going to get a decent discount that way.

Another way to get a good deal is to wait for a time of the year that routinely offers discounts and rebates. time periods like spring break, and Christmas are good times to go ahead and check out local dealers to see if there’s something good going on.