How Much Does An ATV Cost?

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How Much Does An ATV Cost?

Do you have a friend or relative who has an ATV and you want one too? or maybe you already have an ATV but want to buy a bigger or smaller one for your son or something similar. if so you might be wondering how much money does an ATV cost. over the years I have owned several ATV classes and I have noticed that ATV prices have stayed pretty constant over the years, adjusting for inflation. anyways, I have checked the prices of the most common ATV models and I have checked how much does ATVs cost.

How Much Does An ATV Cost? They Cost between 6000-8000$ Dollars for the average 450CC model. for models in the 700CC range, they are going to go from 8000 to 10000 Dollars. anything smaller than 450CC is likely going to be cheaper than 6000 dollars. There are also child models that can be found cheaper than 3000 dollars. so there is a lot of price variance depending on what you are looking for. if you are looking for an engine with a lot of horsepower or offroading capability, you are going to have to pay in the upper range for them!

So How Much Does ATVs cost?

As I said, an ATV can go from as cheap as 3 grand for a kids model, to over 10000 for a full-size ATV model. so prices can vary a lot depending on what you want to use. if you are buying an ATV for your small boy for a birthday present. then you should be looking at a price tag of 2000-4000 dollars, depending on the brand and model that you are looking for. Now if you are looking for a mid-size 450CC ATV, then you should be looking at 6000-8000 dollars for a mid-sizer. these ATVs are pretty balanced and they are meant for anybody under 200lbs, or somebody looking for a lighter ride with better handling.

A good way to avoid spending so much money on an ATV is to buy a used ATV. this is the most common thing newbies do and it is a really good choice if you aren’t sure if you are going to ride a lot or are undecided on what new ATV you are going to buy. prices of used ATVs are going to vary a lot, depending on several things like the age of the ATV, the hours in the engine, the specific model, the size of the quad, and more. it’s pretty easy to save thousands of dollars if you do your due diligence and look for a model that has depreciated. I recommend looking for used ATVs on craigslist. you could also try local facebook groups.

Which ATV Class Is Best For You?

Since ATVs are pretty darn expensive, many people like to make one big purchase and keep riding with it for the next few years. and if that’s your case, then getting the correct ATV for your size is very important! if you didn’t know, there are several ATV classes available, from Mini-ATVs to huge 1000CC quads. in this list, I speak about the characteristics of each size and which one is best for you.

  • Mini-ATVs: If you are looking to buy a quad for your son or daughter, then this is the choice. these are the least expensive on the list. I have seen some Chinese Mini-ATVs at about 1 grand new. but in general, these are going to be about 2000-5000 dollars.
  • 450CC: This is the average quad size and the size that most people get. these ATVs go from 12 grand to 18 grand, depending on the options or specifications. many newcomers and first-time buyers start from here because these quads are not super heavy, they are plenty powerful, and they are much more affordable than full-sizers.
  • 700CC and Up: These are the big guys. these quads make very good offroaders and they also have very powerful engines and they are very large as well. these babies start from 18 Grand to over 25000$. these are the biggest ATVs available.

Why Are They So Expensive Then?

There are many reasons why most ATVs have a steep price tag. one of the first reasons is because they have always been associated with farm and farming work. if you didn’t know, one of the main uses of ATVs ( and UTVs) is plowing and carrying stuff at a farm. ATVs in local farms have been prevalent for decades now, and ATV manufacturers realized this and decided to start charging farm owners hefty prices for the versatile machines.

Some people have also commented about higher prices in the US compared to other major countries worldwide. things like a Honda TRX250 can be found quite cheaper in Europe when compared to the US. I’m not completely sure why this happens. maybe it’s that ATVs are not that popular in other countries or they are everywhere and so they are cheaper. a more detailed explanation on why are ATVs so expensive can be found on this post.