How Much Does An ATV Weigh? Complete ATV Weight List

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How Much Does ATV Weight?

4Wheelers aren’t exactly the lightest type of transportation available. with all the small, medium and large models available, it might be hard to just guess the weight. anyways I was wondering a few weeks ago the weights of my quads.

I had been planning a trip to Ohio and a zone with a lot of trails and dunes and I was thinking of taking the 3 quads there for my kids and my wife, but I didn’t know if our family vehicle will tow them. so I quickly got the manuals for the 3 quads and I saw the answer: the weight didn’t surpass 4500 for the 3 of them! so I was good to go!

Most quads weight between 400-600 lbs. this is dry, that is, without any oil or gas in it. however, depending on what you have, ATVs can be as light as 180lbs (mini ATVs made for small kids) and as heavy as 1000 lbs (big 700cc quads). the heavier weight positively correlates with bigger size and bigger engine.

Like I said in the upper paragraphs, the quads weight is usually found in the manual of it. so if you need the exact numbers, you can just go get the manual real fast. some other things to consider is the mods that have been applied to the quad: some mods (like headlights) will not add many pounds, but some other mods such as plows will definitely pack the weight. There are even some mods that reduce weight such as aftermarket wheels or engine mods. these are all things to keep in mind when trying to figure out the weight of the ATV.

Why is an ATV weight important?

If you are looking for the weight of an ATV in the sticker of the machine or elsewhere, it’s probable that you want to tow the ATV. this is one of the most important reasons you must know the ATV weight because you might or might not be able to tow it with a light vehicle like a crossover for example. Usually, ATVs do not pass 700 pounds for an average model and crossovers can generally tow that amount. now, towing more than ATV might be a tough task for a crossover which is when pickups come and save the day.

A compact pickup can easily tow over 3500 lbs which means that you can tow at least 2 ATVs without breaking a sweat. it’s still important to check the weight if the ATV especially if they are of the larger kind. maybe your vehicle doesn’t tow as much and the quads are heavier than what you might think. another reason why ATV weight is so important is that it affects fuel economy. this is especially important when you are using the ATV for utility work. simply, a heavier quad will use more gas, and a lighter one will use less.

If fuel economy is important for you, going for lighter quads is much more beneficial because over the long run you are going to save thousands of dollars, and then you can use that money to buy more quads. the weight of the ATV is also a consideration for newbie ATV riders. it’s no secret: the heavier the quad the more problems you are going to have to maneuver it, especially at higher speeds. i’m not saying that you must be an elite ATV rider with years of experience to use heavier rides, but it’s a bit more dangerous to use something that requires a bit more skill.

Pros and cons of having a heavy ATV


  • Heavy ATVs are generally better for offroading:
    over 700cc ATVs generally are better for offroading and going over rough terrain. they are more rugged and have more capable suspensions systems. they usually have 4wd systems which make going over a hill a piece of cake.
  • Heavier ATVs are more comfortable:
    this is one of the reasons people prefer bigger: heavy ATVs have a comfier ride. they take bumps much better and the suspension is damped. heavier quads are ideal for persons with back and neck problems because of this. they have a more upright sitting position and you sit higher in them. they are the best choice for big and tall people.
  • Heavier quads are faster:
    even though there are great sports quads in every weight category, the heavier quads are generally the fastest (in a straight line). they might not handle the best because of the weight and the plush ride but they have the best acceleration though.


  • Heavier quads use more gas:
    This is the worst one on the list. some utility and sports quads will burn through gas simply because of the sheer weight of the 4wheeler. combine that with all the lights and sometimes riding the ATV with a friend and you got yourself a gas guzzler. so if you are looking for the most economical option, stay away from these or get a diesel if you can.
  • Heavier quads are harder to maneuver:
    Sure, some quads might be faster off the line, but when it comes to actually steering the quads, they are not exactly number 1. other than straight-line performance, offroad capability, and utility work the higher displacement quad is kind of left in the dust by smaller offerings. also, since they are heavier they are harder to tow and get to a trailer.
  • Heavier quads are more expensive:
    Yes. since they have higher displacement, they usually (not always) are more expensive. heavier quads are usually seen as a more premium option, and that means premium pricing as well! the parts are harder to find so that’s another consideration.

The different type of weight classes

  • Under 100cc
    These are also known are the mini quads. these are made for your kids so that they can have fun in a safe way with little power so that they don’t get hurt. these quads are usually between 180-250 pounds.
  • 200cc
    This is a great beginner quad for somebody that might have problems with the heavier stuff. they have enough power and are really cheap to buy and maintain. they are usually about 270-400 pounds
  • 350cc
    There a lot of obscure Chinese brands in the bracket. I honestly have never ridden on a 350cc myself. I have seen a few 350cc Yamahas but that’s it. they tend to wight about 300-500 pounds.
  • 450cc
    This is one of the most well knows categories. 450cc combines several great traits like fuel economy, acceleration, pricing, and size all in one great package. they are really easy to find and are a blast. they wight about 380-600 pounds.
  • 600cc
    A bit of a heavier machine, these quads generally have a lot of torque, they are comfier than most and you can ride well with one passenger. the extra torque requires a stiffer frame and that means a heavier weight. the dry weight is 500-700 pounds.
  • 700cc and up
    The big boys. you are going to see the heavyweight sports quads and a lot of utility models here. definitely not for the just starting, they have the most torque of the ATVs. they generally weight over 700 pounds.


Quads are not light as bicycles, they usually have an aluminum frame and combined with the engine and other parts you could be looking at a 500lb machine. knowing the weight of your ATV is important if you are looking to tow it to the mountains or a trail. towing the quad with a pickup will not be a problem, however, if you have a crossover SUV it might be more of a pain. most crossovers can tow about 1000 pounds or so if unless the quad is a heavyweight, you shouldn’t have any problems.

There are some pros to having a heavier quad, like having more straight-line performance and a more plush ride. but there are cons too, like lower fuel economy. The displacement of the quad correlates with the weight of it, so check out the ccc of your quad and you can see a general estimate of how much it weights on the top.