What Is The Top Speed & 0-60 Time Of The Polaris Slingshot? You Will Be Surprised!

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If there’s one word to describe the Polaris Slingshot, it is FAST. Introduced in 2015 to wide acclaim, the Slingshot has definitely cemented a reputation for being very fun to use, offering great performance for the money, and being pretty reliable. However, there’s something that most Slingshot enthusiasts ask themselves: what is the top speed and 0-60 time of the Slingshot? I personally wanted to know the answer myself, so I decided to do some research about it.

And the answer is that the Polaris Slingshot has an official top speed of 130 MPH and an official 0-60 time of 4.7 seconds. There are the official numbers though, but many people have been achieving different numbers. Most Slingshot owners have maxed out their rides at about 125 MPH, and some Slingshot owners have reported that the machine started to feel unstable and wobbly when reaching those speeds. 0-60 times have been reported at about 4.6 seconds by various users.

125 MPH is definitely a very high speed. You are breaking the speed limit on any public road on the united states if you reach that velocity, so if you are interested in doing a speed run, the ideal thing to do is to go to the drag strip or to a track to try to reach it. Also, if you are reading this article, chances are that you want to make your Slingshot faster. If this is the case, then read below! I provide 5 proven ways to dramatically improve your Slingshot’s performance and speed on a straight line.

Is There A Difference In Top Speeds Between S, SL, SLR, And SLR LE Models?

One of the most common questions people often ask themselves is if there’s a difference between the top speeds of all the Polaris Slingshot models available. And the truth is that NO, there’s almost no performance difference between those models. The main differences between them are mostly cosmetic: the more advanced trims will get cooler paint jobs, a more elaborate steering wheel, among other things.

The only performance differences between models have to do with the suspensions. From what I have researched, it seems that the SL and SLR trims will have a different set of shocks, which will improve the Slingshot’s stability and handling, especially at higher speeds. But even though they might make your Slingshot handle better, they will not make your ride faster on a straight line.

Polaris Slingshot MPG

Another thing that many people often ask about the Slingshot is what is the miles per gallon (MPG) rating of the vehicle. And when it comes to this, there are several different ratings. I tried to reach out to several Polaris dealers and reps asking them about the MPG of the Slingshot, and they all gave me a different answer. So I decided to talk with several different Polaris owners so that they can tell me how much gas do their machines use.

And from the different answers I got, the Polaris Slingshot is going to do about 30-31 miles per gallon (MPG). This MPG rating will only be reached if you drive conservatively though. More aggressive drivers will see their MPG drop to about 25-26 MPG.

Also, if you have a Slingshot and are seeing different MPG numbers in the helping screen, then let me tell you that the Slingshot is giving you wrong information. Many Slingshot owners have now confirmed that the Slingshot’s computer is giving out inaccurate MPG number, so if you want to know about how much fuel your ride is using, you are going to have to manually keep track of that. If you do so, you will notice that the information is going to be much different to what the Slingshot tells you.

Tips To Make Your Polaris Slingshot Faster!

One of the most common things Slingshot fans want to know about is how to make their rides faster. While I personally would keep it stock if I had one, many people do prefer modding these, and there is a very dedicated modding community that loves making these babies go as fast as possible. They are one of the main authorities when it comes to improving Slingshots, and now I provide their best tips to improve the 0-60 and top speed of the models. If you are own this beastly ride, then you probably want to read this.

  • Install A Turbo: The very best way to quicken up your Slingshot is by installing a decent turbo. If you do so, you can expect to improve your 0-60 times about half a second, and achieve speeds higher than 130 MPH (As long as you are willing to let your Slingshot wobble like crazy.) This is the most effective way to satisfy your need for speed, but it’s pretty costly, with decent turbo systems costing several hundred dollars. Aside from that, you are also going to have to pay for the installation, and there’s something else to keep in mind: reliability is probably going to suffer, especially if we are talking about bigger turbos. Still, this is the most recommended way to add speed to your Slingshot, but you need to keep in mind the cons.
  • Do An ECU Tune: Another great way to improve your Slingshot’s performance is by doing an ECU tune. Doing so will quicken up your ride in a dramatic fashion, and aside from that, it’s also pretty affordable, at least when compared to installing a turbo. It’s not as effective as installing a turbo, but it’s okay given the fact that this is a cheaper upgrade. The main company offering performance ECU tunes is called MEFIburn, so I recommend that you check their website out if you are interested. Doing an ecu tune has some risks. It might damage your Slingshot, especially if you do not know what you are doing, so It’s recommended that you let somebody experienced handle the installation.
  • Reduce Weight As Much As Possible: This is the cheapest and fastest way to make your ride faster. Obviously, making your Slingshot a few dozen pounds is going to improve the performance overall, but the question is: how do we do that? and the answer is that you remove some of the panels. If you didn’t know, there are some external Slingshot panels that can be removed entirely, and let me tell you: they are quite heavy! You only need some special wrenches to do this, but you will make your ride significantly faster if you do this.

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