These Are The UTVs With Best Resale Value

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These Are The UTVs With Best Resale Value

UTVs, also known as Side-By-Sides, aren’t exactly affordable. in fact, many of these UTVs can go for 15,000 dollars, and that is only for a base model. A top of the line Polaris RZR Turbo XP can be over 20 grand without options. And because of this, many folks look for models that retain their value pretty well over the years. Nobody wants their shiny new UTV to be worth 10 grand less just 2 years down the road after all.

And that is why I made this article. I decided to look for the UTVs that depreciates the least so that when you head over to that dealership you can make a smart purchase that is not going to burn you financially over the long term.

And what I found out is that the UTVs that hold their value the most are the Honda Talon, and the Honda Pioneer. This is because they are so damn reliable, people expect these to easily last over 5 to 10 years without breaking down, and that helps with the resale value. Other models that hold their value well include the Polaris RZR and the Kubota RTV line.

And aside from reliability, there are other factors that will definitely affect resale value. things like parts availability and model popularity, among other things, will definitely affect a particular model’s pricing on the used market. Below I talk a little bit more about those other factors and how you can improve your UTVs resale value.

NOTE: If you are looking for a comprehensive list the depreciation curves of most UTVs, then click here to see that article.

Which Factors Affect Resale Value?

  • The Condition Of Your UTV is very important: One of the main factors that affect resale value is the condition the UTV. This can include lack of dents or scratches on the paint, but it will also include things like if the engine oil was routinely replaced or if the air filter was cleaned once every few months. Maintenance is one of the best ways to maintain a side by side as reliable as possible, and a reliable UTV is a UTV that will hold its value.
  • A popular UTV model will generally retain more value: Generally, the more popular UTVs will retain their value a little bit better than less common models. An RZR will hold its value better than a ZForce 500. There are always exceptions to this rule. There are some Mahindra models that are hard to find but they seem to retain their value very well.
  • Utility UTVs tend to lose less value overall: Sport UTVs will have steeper depreciation curves (Click to know more about UTV depreciation). I’m not completely sure why this happens, but it seems to be that utility UTVs generally aren’t mistreated as much as sport models. This is not going to be the case for all utility UTVs though. the RZR depreciates significantly less than the Polaris Ranger

Models With Best Resale Value

  • Kawasaki Mule: The Kawasaki Mule is famous for a lot of things like dependability and utility, but something that people don’t know about it is the fact that this is one of the models with best resale values on the industry. Many Mules are bought by wealthy farmers that need a work tool to move produce from point a to point b, and the Mule does that perfectly. they generally aren’t abused and combined with the fact that they are so popular with farmers makes the resale value stay really high.
  • Kubota RTV: Kubota is another company that has kept farmers in mind since they started making products, with their RTV line being super common in farms nationally. The bad thing about them is that they are not sporty at all. it’s not going to win you any drag races, but if you are fine with that, then this might be a good choice for somebody looking for a workhorse. because of its reliability, the resale value of the RTV line is very good.
  • Polaris RZR: The Polaris RZR is one of the most popular sports models available today. Reportedly they are selling like hot cakes, and everybody wants one. this keeps the resale value high. I looked at the depreciation curves of several UTV models (Click to check it out) and this has one of the best ones on the segment. As long as it’s well maintained, the resale value will be strong.

How To Improve Your UTV Resale Value

If you are concerned about your ride resale value, then let me tell you that there are several ways to improve or at least maintain it over the long term. The following is a list of steps to keep your ride resale value as high as possible.

  • Perform maintenance on your UTV: Not doing maintenance on a UTV is the number 1 reason why they break down prematurely. because of this, doing it is also the best way to maintain its value over the long term. depending on what you have, you are going to have to do the maintenance once every 3, 4,5 or even 6 months. As a rule of thumb, the more you use the UTV, the more often should you be doing the maintenance. You should be greasing bearings, changing oil, cleaning the air filter, and changing tires if needed. doing this semi-often will definitely maintain your UTV resale value.
  • Wash your UTV and restore plastic trim: This is a very easy way to improve your UTVs resale value if you are thinking of selling soon. after a few months of riding, your UTVs headlights are going to turn yellowish because of the oxidation. Cleaning them is as simple as getting some toothpaste and an old toothbrush, and cleaning both the insides and outsides of the glass. Also, if your UTV has dents or scratches on the surface, you are going to have to get some products to cover those imperfections.
  • Sell Your UTV In A Different Location: While this isn’t technically going to improve your UTVs resale value per se, but its a nice trick for those who want to get as much money from a used side by side. And this tip consists of selling your UTV on a state that is known for offroading. So if you live in Idaho, It might be wise to post your UTV in Utah’s seller’s websites. A 2010 TRX might be worth $7,000 dollars in Boise, but that might increase to over $8,000 dollars if sold near Moab.