Which ATV Is The Best For Snowplowing? Avoid Getting Stuck!

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Which ATV Is Best For Snowplowing?

ATVs are versatile machines that are able to rip through a trail without breaking a sweat and then helping with anything a need some force, like plowing snow! it can certainly be a drag to just force your way through the snow, but if you need to move your car or similar you are going to have to do something about it! that’s where ATVs come in handy. even though initially rode ATVs for fun, I then realized I had a trusty tool when I woke up and found 8 inches of snow in my front porch.

The best ATV for plowing snow is the Yamaha Grizzly 700. and this is because of many reasons I will talk about now but in short, the grizzly’s chassis is very well suited for utility work, especially plowing snow. A favorite among many because it’s utility and versatility, the Yamaha has a powerful engine that can easily handle big amounts of snow.

Even though it’s primarily a utility quad, it can also be used for more recreational purposes. so when it comes to plowing snow, the Yamaha grizzly 700 has you covered!

However, simply getting an ATV, installing a plow and going applying the throttle all of a sudden is not a good idea. quite frankly, you might break something, either the plow or the quad! I have some experience working the snow over the years and I have made some mistakes which I’m going to mention right now. we also have a few recommendations and tips to get yourself ready to clean up your driveway.

How Much Snow Are You Going To Plow?

This is the million dollar question. depending on how much snow there is in your home, you might want to buy a more powerful ATV. if you have anything over 6 inches of snow over a fairly wide field, I would obtain at least a 500cc quad to do the job.

6 inches is not the biggest amount in the world so if you can’t find a 500 cc Quad a 400 will do. you just have to keep in mind that you might be using more fuel and doing a less efficient job over the long term if you go this route.

If there are more than 8 inches of snow to plow, then I would recommend at least a 500cc. anything weaker and it might take much longer to finish the job.

There are many types of plows you can buy for your ATV. the standard is generally thought to be 4’0″ plows. but if you are gonna work in a wider area, 5’0″, and 6’0″ plows are available. just make sure that they fit well with your ATV. depending on the front fenders of the quad, installing the plow might be a pain or it might now even be a possibility.

Something else to consider is the consistency of the snow. it’s much easier to work with a foot of powdery snow than a few inches of much harder ice.

Which Is The Best ATV To Plow Snow?

Yamaha Grizzly

Extremely versatile, the Yamaha Grizzly has been a trusty model when it comes to snow and farm work. why? a powerful engine has a lot of torque, which means it can withstand heavy amounts of snow. newer ones have great 4WD systems that greatly helps the traction of the quad.

The ride is well damped which is something so important when spending time in the cold. working in comfort is something that is important to me and it definitely helps this quad’s case.

The only thing that I don’t like about this Yamaha is that it can be a bit loud. it’s a bit more raw than other ATV’s which can be a good or a bad thing.

Polaris Sportsman

A very easy to use ATV, I mainly recommend this model for lighter, wetter amounts of snow. even though the quad was a bit light on weight on the rear, it has great traction with the stock tires, which is something really important when it comes to plowing. the power steering of this quad is great. the steering is lighter than most which helps maneuver the quad when you are bogged down in the snow.

It’s also quieter than the Yamaha so that might be something to consider if you are looking for a smoother, more refined ride. the Polaris doesn’t have the most torque, so it’s not especially well suited for heavy amounts of snow. it also has a wide availability of accessories, not only snow tools so you are covered in that part.

Honda Rancher

If you are looking for a more spartan alternative to the Polaris, then this is a good choice for plowing. hondas are easy to use and operate but they have that roughness that has been part of the brand for the last few years. not as technically advanced as most brands, it’s a great choice for people on a budget.

It’s a really reliable choice and retains a lot of value. one of the cons of this model is that many older ranchers don’t have a differential so getting stuck in the snow can be an occurrence once in a while. but as long as you have some good tires to increase traction it shouldn’t be a big deal.

The Honda also has a lot of aftermarket support that helps finding accessories really easy. if you go to Amazon, you will find a lot of plows made specifically for hondas, so that’s something else to consider.

So What Is The Best Way To Install A Plow To An ATV?

The best way to install a plow is doing it yourself so that you save up some dough. most plows are very easily installed no matter the ATV that you got. you might want to ask a neighbor to help you install it though! because you are gonna have to attach some heavyish parts in the machine.

Most of the mainstream brands have their OEM plows that you can buy online or at the dealer. simply buy the one that goes with your model ATV and you’re gonna have to probably install some parts. hopefully, when you buy the plow it should come with some instructions.

You usually are gonna have to install the plow mount under the front skid plate, so I would recommend getting some help for this step. install the bolts tightly and you are done with the mount installation. then simply you can bolt on the plow bar onto the mount.

If you can’t find the OEM plow or want something bigger or more durable you can always just buy a plow kit like this one. it’s what I bought for my old quad, the plow is really easy to use because you can just mount it to the front part of the quad.

Most normal ATV plows need to get attached to the lower part of the quad which lowers ride clearance. this is however not as stable as the traditional setup so if you are looking for a heavy duty plow look elsewhere!

A Few Tips:

Go slowly for the first time.

It might not be good to rush the plowing because you might have something to do. you can easily break the plow if you find a big rock in the snow. so start slow and work your way up.

Maintain the plow in a higher position and work your way down.

This might slow you down a bit, but it ensures that your ATV is not getting overtaxed. even though you might have a big ATV with a big plow. moving smaller amounts of snow at first might be better and the as you clear up more you move the plow down to clear the rest.


I strongly recommend the Yamaha grizzly if you are gonna buy an ATV primarily for utility use. it has good torque and traction and is very comfortable which is important if you are gonna work long hours.

However, this also depends on how much snow you are gonna work with. if it’s powdery, soft snow, buying a Polaris sportsman or a honda rancher is better since they are more comfortable, more easily found and are generally more efficient.

After deciding which ATV you are going to buy, now you need to get a plow. finding an OEM plow can be quite hard and more expensive than what you might think. so I would just recommend buying an aftermarket one on Amazon. they are very easily installed, some you need to install in the footwell or to the front skid plate. but other ones you can just attach to the front grill and be done with it.