These Are The Side By Sides With Most Legroom

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It’s now official: UTVs have taken the offroading world by storm. Also known as side-by-sides, these nimble beasts combine the open air feeling and speed of an ATV with near car-like levels of comfort. in short, UTVs are here to stay. recently, many people have been asking me about which side by sides have the most leg room. and so, to answer that, I decided to do some research and make a complete article about it so that people can be informed. if you are somebody who is looking for a new UTV that has ample legroom, then this article will help you a lot.

Not only will this list the UTVs with the most legroom, but it will also consider factors such as seating comfort, ease of access, among other things. this is because people who are looking for good legroom are also looking for those features, and so I decided to fit it all in just 1 article. anyways, without further ado, these are the UTVs with most legroom on the market as of 2019.

1. Kawasaki Teryx – A UTV That Can Do It All!

When It comes to side by sides that feature plentiful amounts of leg room, the Kawasaki Teryx is one of the first ones on the list. The Teryx is Kawasaki’s recreational UTV, offering a very compelling package of adequate performance on the trails, affordable pricing, and what is most important, very generous amounts of both front and rear legroom.

The front leg room in the Kawasaki Teryx Is Plentiful!

While relatively unknown when compared to UTVs like the Polaris RZR and Yamaha Wolverine, the Teryx has a lot of features that compares it favorably against its rivals, like for example electric power steering standard, and a 4 seater configuration available. the back legroom is also excellent, which is perfect for taller and bigger adults looking to seat comfortably on the back.

Legroom in the back seats is also excellent

Even though this is an article about the UTVs with most legroom, most people reading this are looking for a comfortable ride and an ample cabin. and an ample cabin wouldn’t be complete without something: adequate amounts of headroom. and I’m happy to report that the Teryx provides excellent amounts of it. Tall people 6 foot and up are not going to have a problem with headroom, so that is another big pro the Teryx has.

Person riding is 6 feet 2, over 250 pounds and he fits comfortably.

The Kawasaki Teryx doors will over up very wide, perfect for bigger folks who need the extra space to get inside the machine. the wide access of the doors is also great for younger kids and disabled persons who might need the extra room to get inside

The Teryx doors will open very wide, making it easy to get in and out of it.

So when talking about legroom and roominess in general, you can’t go wrong with the Kawasaki Teryx. even though it is number 1 on this list, this doesn’t necessarily mean that It has the most leg room though. I couldn’t find the official measurements of it, but it still has more space than most UTVs on the market, both 2-seaters and 4-seaters.

2. John Deere RSX – Legroom Galore

If you are looking for a side by side that can do anything, from offroading on hardy trails to more menial errands around the house or farm, all while providing class-leading leg room, then take a look at the John Deere RSX. This is a jack of all trades, master of none which will really appeal to those folks who need a side by side that can do it all.

If you are looking for a balanced UTV that has ample amounts of legroom, check this baby out!

John Deere has always been known as a farmer’s company, with John Deere tractors, loaders, and other heavy machinery being common in farms all over America. So they introducing a side by side with sporty credentials was certainly a surprise. the RSX maintains it’s utilitarian roots while being much more fun than any product John Deere has released before. and most importantly: it has a ton of space in the cabin.

If there’s something to criticize about this UTV, its the fact that power steering is not standard. power steering is something that many of its rivals do have, and so this is something that affects the ease of use of the RSX. now, dont get me wrong, when it comes to space, this UTV is excellent, but the steering is going to feel heavier, especially when riding at faster speeds.

Another con about the RSX is that it can only seat 2 people. this makes it obviously not a good choice if you are thinking of buying a side by side for family use, but at least the cargo space is plentiful. Headroom is average when compared to other sports/utility UTVs

To wrap it up, this is one of the side by sides in the sports utility class that features the most legroom and cabin space in general. if you are looking for something that can be used forUTV is made for plowing, hauling, and towing, all while being able to rip a trail effortlessly, then you should check the RSX out. just remember that it’s not offered as a 4-seater model though.

3. Kubota RTV X1100C – Massive Utility And Massive Space

If you are looking to do a lot of work on a UTV and need a spacious cabin that has a lot of legroom, then take a look at the Kubota RTV X1100C. the main pro of this side by side is its cavernous cabin and ample space for your legs. Even though I sadly don’t have any official dimensions, I think this UTV has the most legroom on this list, which makes it ideal for taller folks. however, even though this is one of Kubotas sportier offerings, it’s not exactly very nimble or fast. this was made for big folks who are going to be doing utility activities and not recreation.

One of the exclusive features that the Kubota has is that it actually comes with a unibody cabin, which means that it’s not a bolt on. it’s actually just 1 piece, and when you close the doors, you can hardly hear something from the outside. as I said above, cabin space is excellent, and taller passengers won’t have a problem with the headroom. This Kubota is also pretty easy to get in and out of, perfect for kids and persons with disabilities. and last but not least: it comes with air conditioning!

As you can see from the picture above, the leg room is this side by side is excellent, but there’s a problem though. there are many folks who have complained that the seats on the X1000C are pretty uncomfortable. the seats do not recline like the seats on the other UTVs on this list, plus the materials aren’t as good either. I recommend that you try the seats out if you are thinking of buying this.

Because there is no center console on the X1000C, you might be able to fit 3 people in the cabin on a pinch. other pros of the Kubota include its big hauling bed, and that it’s pretty inexpensive if you ask me. anyways, The Kubota x1000c is a great work UTV for anybody whos looking for a lot of legroom and cabin space. big dudes are really going to appreciate it.

4. Yamaha Viking – Sporty Comfort

One of the most sportier offerings on this list, the Yamaha Viking is officially a sport utility side-by-side, erring more on the side of sport. it’s capacity for 3 persons, supremely comfortable seating, and a crapton of legroom makes this a must have for anybody who needs something capable but compact that can rip a trail without breaking a sweat.

Yamaha has always been faithful to its sporty roots, with most of its models possessing that athletic pedigree that characterizes them as a brand. and the Viking is no exception. This UTV handles like it’s on rails, with a firm and maneuverable frame and low levels of body lean that makes it feel much smaller than it really is. all of this is accomplished without sacrificing leg room for those onboard.

The legroom is something to talk about in this side by side, it certainly is pretty abundant. Both riders and passengers alike are going to feel very comfy and not cramped at all. there is enough room to move both feet, especially the right and middle passenger since they do not have to work the pedals. since the Viking is a 3-seater model, this UTV is a little bit wider than most on its class, and that definitely shows in the cabin space.

If ample legroom is important because you want to ride with your family, then I’m happy to report that the Viking is also available as a 6 seater model, and the foot space is decent for adults. the room is definitely not class leading, but its not cramped either. if you are looking to ride with your kids on the back seat, then the Viking Vi is not going to disappoint, but if the persons riding on the back are too big, then comfort might be an issue. if this is your case, trying the back seat legroom before you buy is recommended.

The Yamaha Viking is an excellent sports utility side by side, perfect for those who like riding with family and friends and aren’t going to be using for work as much. All the UTVs on this list have a lot of leg room, and the Viking is no exception. If you are interested in the 6 seater model, then I would advise checking out the back seats, because the foot space is a little bit more restricted when compared to the front seats.

5. Can-Am Commander – For Hardcore Riders Who Need Space For Legs

The sportiest offering on this list, the Can-Am Commander has impressed everybody that has gone for a ride on it, including myself. this is a very aggressive Sports utility UTV that has a ton of space everywhere, including your legs. the Commander is one of the very first sporty utility side-by-side models ever made, and Can-Am has steadily perfected the formula over the years. overall, this is a really solid UTV that should satisfy anybody who wants to ride fast and needs ample leg room to do so.

Since this is an article that is focusing on leg room, I’m going to talk about it first. like all the UTVs on this list, legroom is plentiful, big & tall folks are not going to complain, and while the seating is a little bit upright, the airy cabin and sporty performance more than make up for it. unlike some side by sides on this list though, the commander is only offered as a 2 seater model. if you have a family and want to ride with them, then take a look at the Yamaha Viking or Kawasaki Teryx 4

As soon as your start up the Commander, you can feel exactly what it wants you to do: ride as wild and as fast as possible. the Commanders engine has been lauded for being very torquey and charismatic, kind of like the Vikings engine but with a different sound. The transmission shifts very quickly, perfect for speed lovers and experienced riders. All of this happens without sacrificing comfort in the cabin. Also, I have said this many times but Can-Am products are very well made, their fit and finish is really premium, and the exterior styling is very edgy without bordering on garish. To conclude, if sporty driving is a priority for you and you need something with a lot of leg room, then check the Commander out!

6. Kawasaki Mule – The Farmer’s Dream

The second Kawasaki offering on this list. compared to the Teryx above, the mule is the farmer’s wet dream. the frame doesn’t feel very sporty, and the engine is frankly quite sluggish, but where the mule really shines is in its comfort, cabin space, and leg room. The utility of this ride is also excellent, with multiple storage cubbies and spaces. if you are looking to buy a UTV to use it as a work tool and one that is really good at it, then the Mule might be appealing.

The leg room and general roominess in the mule have always lauded by both consumers and reviewers alike, and with the current generation, it’s no different. It is on par with the John Deere and Kubota RTV that we talked about above. where the mule differentiates itself from those 2 models though is in its cabin space, which feels more airy and roomy than them. not saying that they Kubota and John Deere are tight by any means, but this one is a little bit roomier than both though, perfect for very big folks who really demand that.

Something that owners love about the Mule is how many storage spaces there are. as soon as you hop in on this big boy you are going to notice that there are storage cubbies everywhere, including cup holders, something that other UTVs on this list don’t have. There are also some bigger spaces to store bigger stuff such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and other general farm tools. Kawasaki was well aware that people buy these things are looking for convenient places to store tool and so they went their way to ensure there is space for everything a farmer might need on the field.

This is one of the many storage spaces on the mule. inside the box is a tow hitch that is over 1 foot long.

Every side by side has its disadvantages, and you probably know which are those already. the Mule was not really made for spirited driving. Kawasaki has some sportier trims that tighter up the shocks and change the exterior styling to make it look more aggressive, but it honestly doesn’t really improve its performance and handling. so if you are well aware that this isn’t going to win you any drag races and just need a tool to work with, then the Mule might be your friend!