Why Are Side-By-Sides So Popular? A Few Reasons Why

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Why Are Side-By-Sides So Popular? A Few Reasons Why

UTVs, also known as Side-By-Sides, are getting really damn popular. Long considered a measly barn tool used by weary farmers to move fertilizer and other farm produce, they are now being considered an exhilarating way to rip through a trail without breaking a sweat. However, there’s something else that everybody is wondering: How exactly did they get so popular so damn quickly!? and there are a few reasons for that.

The first reason why they are so popular one is that they are more comfortable than an ATV, they are cheaper than an SUV, all while being just as capable, if not more capable than both. this combination of factors definitely appeals to a lot of people, who will want the best of both worlds.

Another reason why they have gotten so popular is that they are one of the few offroad oriented machines that will allow you to ride aggressively with your whole family on board. This is also one of the main selling points of UTVs. no wonder why 4 and 6-seater UTVs make up a significant amount of side-by-sides sales over the United States.

The third reason is that they are just so cool. I mean, just think about it. we are talking about an offroading beast on 4 wheels that handles like a go-kart, looks like a Decepticon(some models!), and can achieve speeds higher than a run of the mill economy car, all while being rather cheap if you look for a used model.

Those are the 3 main factors, but there are other ones too. read below to know the other reasons why UTVs are everywhere nowadays.

Other Factors Contributing To Side-By-Sides Popularity

I think that one of the other key factors has to do with the fact that people aren’t finding ATVs that compelling anymore. I, for example, also ride ATVs alongside UTVs, and the machine with the more uncomfortable ride quality are definitely the quad bikes. they tend to have a stiffer suspension, which might be good for performance purposes, but they hurt my back though, something that increasingly annoys me as I get older.

Even hopping in and out of the ATV can be kind of cumbersome, especially if you are big and fat like me. That’s why I’m increasingly preferring UTVs over ATVs, and many of my friends and acquaintances are too.

UTVs are much easier to get in and out of. they have doors that resemble car doors, and that makes them much easier to live with. and not only that, but UTVs also features a true bucket seat that you can sit on comfortably without feeling tight or out of place.

Another factor is the fact that UTVs have steering wheels rather than handlebars. this makes you feel like you are driving an actual car, something that I personally love. Using a steering wheel also means that you will be able to handle the side by side more precisely and accurately, especially on a tight trail.

Another reason that I mentioned above is the fact that you can ride with more than 1 person comfortably. the fact that I can ride together with my wife and 2 kids is something that I personally LOVE about UTVs. While I can ride ATVs with somebody on the back, it just doesn’t feel right, plus it’s also really dangerous, especially for somebody like me who likes speedy driving.

Top Selling UTVs Available Today

Now, this article wouldn’t be complete without the list of the best selling UTV models on the market obviously. I’m pretty sure that you either have one of these models or have one on your shopping list. anyways, here are the best sellers.

  1. Polaris RZR 570: The best selling model in America is also one of the best base model UTVs that you can get as of 2019. The RZR 570 is the base model but it’s by no means mediocre or slow. Where it shines the most is in trails, with the 9 inches of suspension travel and the 11 inches of ground clearance doing a heck of a job of traversing moderate difficulty offroading situations. other pros include the 45 HP engine that provides adequate torque for the class and a well-damped suspension setup that will make you feel comfortable in even the harshest terrains.
  2. Can-Am Maverick Trail: The Maverick is also one of the top sellers, and it’s definitely a UTV that feels much more serious and hardcore than the RZR. Everybody knows that Can-Am has been trying to steal some of the RZR faithful with their products, and so far, they have succeeded. this UTV feels very visceral and sporty, with its 51 HP engine providing a ton of low range pull, perfect for speed demons looking to drag race on the nearest trail. they also look so cool. I dig their styling and most people that I have talked with really like the style too.
  3. John Deere Gator: John Deere has always been a company that has catered to farmers, with their product lineup consisting of tractors, utility vehicles, and more. they have also produced a UTV, the Gator, for some time now. and as you have guessed, the Gator is not made with sportiness in mind. It does a heck of a job when it comes to hauling, towing, and general utility work though. 99% of people who use Gators need them for farm work, which suits the machine well
  4. Yamaha Wolverine X2: The Wolverine follows Yamaha’s tried and true formula: a torquey and punchy engine combined with best in class handling equals a heck of a good time. anyways, the Wolverine is a solid product that has been selling very well for Yamaha. Given the recent rise of popularity of UTVs, this is fast becoming one of their best selling models.
  5. Kubota RTV: If you don’t know this brand, then don’t worry, many enthusiasts don’t either. Farmers are pretty familiar with them though. Kubota is a brand that like John Deere has always focused a lot on selling to Farmers. they are only recently releasing a sport UTV to the market, and from what I have heard, Its selling very well for them. This brand is fast becoming more popular among enthusiasts and so you should check them out.


So to summarize this whole article, UTVs are very popular nowadays because they are more comfortable than ATVs while being just as capable offroad, and at the same time being much cheaper than a small SUV. The fact that you can ride with your whole family is also a plus.

This doesn’t mean that UTVs are superior to ATVs though. it’s something that is going to depend from person to person. but if you are somebody who is comparing UTVs to ATVs, then check this article titled UTVs vs ATVs