What Is The Top Speed Of The Yamaha Raptor 700? (The Answer Might Surprise You!)

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As you probably know already, the Raptor 700 is the stalwart of Yamaha’s sport ATV lineup. The full-sized quad has long cemented a reputation for being the best choice for hardcore offroading enthusiasts looking for something that can do it all. The Raptor has great handling, it looks sick, and of course, It accelerates like no other quad on the market. And talking about speed, something that you might be wondering is what is the top speed of the Raptor 700? I own a Raptor 700 so I know a thing or two about its speed.

And the answer is that the Yamaha Raptor 700 is going to achieve a top speed of 75 MPH on a straight line, provided that your quad’s tires are in good shape. Now, some Raptors have speed/rev limiters installed. These models will NOT achieve 75 MPH for obvious reasons. Also, Yamaha makes a kid’s version of the Raptor called the Raptor 90. This kid’s model has achieved a top speed of 20-21 MPH with the rev limiter disengaged.

Yamaha has also made other Raptor models over the years that they have eventually phased out, including the Raptor 250, Raptor 350, among others. If you want to know the top speeds of those models, then please check below. Also, if you arrived at this article, chances are that you want to improve your ATVs speed. If this is the case, then check below for information on how to do so!

Top Speed Of Yamaha Raptor 700

As I said above, the Yamaha Raptor 700 is going to achieve about 75 MPH on a straight line. This is not certain though, it’s going to depend on which tires you have on your machine, the gas being used, how heavy you are, the pavement quality, among other things.

Also, another factor affecting a Raptor’s top speed is if it has a speed/rev limiter. This is a device found on some Raptors that will limit how fast it goes, and if you do not know if your machine has one, then there are a few ways to know how. The first one is obviously checking the manual. The second one is simply accelerating without shifting until redline. If your quad starts “bouncing” the revs, then there’s probably a rev limiter installed. You are going to have to remove this device in order to reach the top speeds on your machine.

Another factor that might affect the top speed of the Raptor is the tires being used. When it comes to quad velocity, tires are one of the most overlooked factors, so if you are looking to reach maximum speeds on your Raptor, it’s ideal to check the tires condition. Ideally, you should be using sport ATV tires, and the thread in these shouldn’t be worn or flat. To know if you need to change your tires, get a quarter and stick it between the grooves. ideally, the tread should have a few centimeters left, but if it’s almost flat, its time to change your tires. To know more about when to change your ATVs tires, click here.

Top Speed Of Yamaha Raptor 350

The Yamaha Raptor was a model that was supposed to slot between the Raptor 250 and the Raptor 700. The 350 model has a 350cc engine, and it will achieve a top speed of approximately 58 MPH on a straight line. Again as I said above, this is going to depend on the tires and the person riding the ATV, but it’s going to be more or less 58 MPH. Also, the Raptor 350 will take more time to reach 58 MPH when compared to the Raptor 700.

The Raptor 350 distinguishes itself from the Raptor 700 by having a smaller engine. It has a 350cc engine, which when compared to the 700’s 686cc engine is pretty small. The Raptor 350 was eventually discontinued because of lack of customer interest in the model.

Top Speed Of Yamaha Raptor 250

As the name implies, the Raptor 250 has a smallish engine, or at least when compared to the Raptor 350 and 700. the 250 has a 250cc engine, and it has been clocked at 51 MPH on a straight line. Because of the displacement of the Raptor 250, it takes a pretty long time to get to that speed.

Like the Raptor 350, this model isn’t made anymore. While initially being a hot seller for Yamaha, people eventually stopped buying it, and it was discontinued after a few years on the market.

Top Speed Of Yamaha Raptor 660

The Yamaha Raptor 660 is a very popular model acclaimed by enthusiasts and as the name implies, this Raptor features a 660cc motor which is very torquey. This model is famous for being very tuning friendly, but when it comes to the top speed when stock, this ATV is going to achieve a maximum velocity of about 70-71 MPH on a straight line. Also, when it comes to the 0-60 acceleration times, this model will go from 0-60 in about 5.2 seconds.

As you probably know already, the Raptor is no longer manufactured. Yamaha made this model from 2001 to 2005, and they eventually replaced it with the Raptor 700. This model is still quite popular though because of a combination of reliable performance and a very moddable engine.

Top Speed Of Yamaha Raptor 90

This is Yamaha’s kids offering, and as the name implies, it features a 90cc engine. With the rev/speed limiter disengaged, this model has been clocked at a top speed of 30 MPH at a straight line. If you want to reach that top speed, you are going to have to tinker with the rev limiter.

Raptor 700 Vs Raptor 700R Vs Raptor 700R SE: Is There A Difference In Top speed Between These Models?

Now this is something that I get a lot: is there a difference between the 700, 700R, and the SE? And the answer is that the only differences between them are some suspension components, bodywork changes, and a few clutch modifications. These 3 models all have the same engines, so the top speeds between them are the same.

How To Make Your Yamaha Raptor Faster

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are interested in making your ATV faster. Thankfully, I own a Raptor 700 and have tinkered with it a bit, so I’m pretty qualified to talk about this topic. A few things that I recommend you do to make your ride faster are:

  • Use High-Performance Tires: One of the most important factors affecting an ATV’s performance and top speed are the tires. In fact, other than the engine, I would consider this the most important component of a sport ATV, so it’s important that you use a decent set of rubber so that your ATV performance at its best. I prefer ITP tires because they are quite affordable, and I advise that you buy from this same brand, especially if you are on a budget.
  • Install A Performance Exhaust: One of my favorite ways to speed up an ATV is installing a performance exhaust. Not only is it going to add a few HP, effectively making your ride faster, but it’s also going to make your ATV sound much better than with the stock exhaust. The only problem about doing this is that most decent performance exhausts are going to cost you a pretty penny. It’s completely worth it in my opinion though, so consider it if you are interested in speeding up your quad.
  • Use An Octane Booster: Another great, quick, and affordable way to make your ATV faster is by using an octane booster. This is a fuel additive that will improve the energy the gas provides, and personally I tend to use them to make my Raptor faster for a quick drag race with my friends. This is perhaps the quickest way to make your ATV faster, and its also the cheapest way too, so I recommend this method for people that are on a budget.

Top Speeds Of Other Popular ATVs

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