These Are The Best Offroading Boots Available

Offroading boots are one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment that people often don’t buy. maybe it’s because the media is always speaking about head injuries when an ATV accident takes place. and while head injuries are the most devastating of ATV injuries, leg, feet, and knee injuries are also super common in this sport. over the years, I have always used boots when riding and they have saved my poor legs from all sorts of scratches and pieces of debris. I have also gone through a lot of brands, both good and bad. in this post I talk about the best pair of boots available on the market today.

And after considering several pairs that I have gone through over the last years, I think that the best pair of boots available for the price is the Fox Comp 5 (Click Here To Check Price On Amazon). these boots are a reasonably priced pair with the quality of a high-end boot. I have been using these babies for a few years now with no complaints. I originally was recommended this model by a dirtbiking enthusiast who swore by the boots and after I got them I understood why he loved them so much.

These boots have been the most comfortable pair I have ever worn. I wear size 11 on all my normal shoes and sneakers and I wear size 11 so the boots fit like a glove and they are true to size. I chose black boots because obviously since I offroad and ride in trails a lot they were going to get dirty real quick. I recommend you that you do the same and choose black. I have tried other boots with different colors and they show wear much more quickly and it is more noticeable. The

The Best Pair Of Boots For The Price.

These babies ain’t exactly the cheapest boots available, but from my own experience, all the “value” boots that I have bought for me and my sons have been garbage. either they break easily and are made from cheap materials, or the boot is very uncomfortable after a few minutes. that’s why I recommend the Fox Comp 5. they are a little bit more expensive, but I recommend that you spend a few bucks extra to get something that won’t fall apart after a few rides with them.

The main things that I love about the Fox Comp 5 are their ergonomics and quality for the price. like the helmet that I recommend, these boots look and feel much more expensive than the price tag suggests. these boots are quite sturdy and rigid, using hard plastics to provide support and protection. The Fox Comp 5 are also one of the few boots under 300$ that extensively uses aluminum compounds, which provides added protection and durability.

What To Look For In A Pair Of Boots:

  • Comfort & Ergonomics: I think that other than the safety rating of the boots, this is the most important thing you should have in your mind. does the boot fit you properly? does it fit you a little bit tight or a little bit loose? after you have them on for 30 minutes, does something hurt? are your toes getting crushed? these are all questions you should ask yourself before deciding on a pair of boots!
  • Protection: Obviously, you are buying boots in order to protect your feet! the protection that a boot might provide to your feet has a lot to do with the materials that are used in the boot itself. avoid using flimsy, poorly built boots that feel like they were put together with Elmer Glue. the rule should be firm but soft inside, hard and tough outside!
  • Price: Getting anything decent under 100$ can be hard, but it can be done. I recommend that you look for sales and coupons so that you could get a good deal on a decent pair of boots.
  • Weight: This is related to comfort but I think it deserves a distinction. try to avoid buying heavy boots! try to look for boots that use composites and aluminum and any material that reduces weight. heavy boots are the #1 reason why people like to skip them when riding ATVs or dirtbikes.

Other Good Boots Worth Considering:

O’Neal Men’s Element Boots (Click To Check Price):  The value choice on this list. O’Neal, in general, makes great products for both amateurs and pros alike. and it’s no different with their boots. these are their entry level boots and while I would like for them to provide more protection, they are super comfy and are ideal for more relaxed rides. I wore these boots for 6 months and currently have them as a “backup” for the Fox Comp 5. definitely not a bad option for more casual riders.

Alpinestars Tech ATV Offroading Boots (Click To Check Price): These wonderful boots are a must buy if you are serious about riding ATVs. they combine everything that you look for in a pair of boots and then they wrap it up in a very stylish package. the boots has composites all over which provide excellent protection for your legs and feet. these are one of the best boots available, but you are going to have to pay for the best!

Other Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Avoid cheap boots: like I said a few paragraphs above, I haven’t seen anything decent under 50-60$. I strongly suggest that you try to look for something in the 100-300$ range so that you avoid wasting your money on cheap crap.
  • Do not focus much on the design: the reason why I say this and I prefer black, minimalist boots is because it’s super easy to scratch, damage, and wear the graphics of the boots. there are a few boots that are aware of this and make more resistant graphics but those are generally in the upper price ranges.
  • If it doesn’t feel right, don’t wear it: comfort is numero uno when it comes to boots. you are going to be wearing them for a few hours so it makes sense that they are not hurting their feet. if possible, try the boots that you want at a physical store so that you can actually know how they feel in your feet before buying.