These Are The Best ATV Goggles

If you are interested in buying an offroading helmet, then you are also going to have to shop for a pair of goggles. ATV and dirtbike helmets have an opening in the front that allows for a goggle to be worn. and they are super necessary if you want to protect your eyes from debris, dirt, sand and more. they are useful when it’s sunny, protecting your eyes from UV radiation and helping you see the trail better. when it comes to goggles, it’s pretty easy to get a good product that isn{t too expensive, but there’s still a few goggles that I consider number one.

I have done some research about which are the best ATV goggles and the verdict is clear: the best goggles available are the Oakley MX O-Frame Goggles (Click to check price on Amazon) these beauties are the all-around best option for the average ATV enthusiast. these have anti-fog and also will protect your eyes from the harsh sun. those specific goggles have several designs and lens colors to choose, so I recommend that you combine it with your jersey and ATV color!

Before using ATV goggles, I used to wear some swimming goggles because I didn’t have money for a normal pair of goggles and while they kind of protected my eyes from the dirt, they didn’t do anything to shield me from the sun and they were also super embarrassing to use! so if you are thinking of seriously hitting trails or feel like your visibility is getting affected, I would recommend that you buy some decent ATV goggles!

What To Look For In A Pair Of Goggles:

  • Rigidness: When I mean rigidness, I’m referring to the toughness or flexibility that the goggle has. on other words, the goggle shouldn’t feel very flimsy or feel like it’s going to break at any moment. it should feel firm and flexible when you wear in on your helmet.
  • Comfort: Obviously, nobody wants to wear something that is super tight or super loose for their head. The goggles that I recommend will fit 95% of people. however, if you have a very big head, then it might not fit you!
  • Price: Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to get a good pair of goggles without breaking the bank, but it’s also pretty easy to get robbed! this is because there are a lot of crappy choices as well. try to check reviews of the goggles that you are interested in buying to make sure that it’s the right choice for you!
  • Style: You are going to want to match the colors of your goggles with your helmet. it provides a more streamlined appearance. but you could also just get some black or white goggles so that they match with anything that you have.
  • Weight: there are some new goggles make with composite materials that are super light and very comfy. the Oakleys that I recommended at the top are super light because it’s made of special plastics.

Other Good Goggles Worth Considering:

100% 50410-076-02 Goggles (Click To Check Price):  These Goggles are second to the Oakleys in everything except in something: there’s a lot of color and lens choices! these and the Oakleys are priced similarly but the only advantage that this one has is that there are much more designs available. if having something unique is important to you, then this model might be a better choice, but remember that the quality is inferior to the Oakleys!

ENKEEO ATV Goggles (Click To Check Price): The only “value” option that I can recommend. my younger son has these and he’s pretty happy with them. these are a little bit flimsy and it doesn’t have much UV protection, but cannot really expect that much at that price point.

Other Things To Keep In Mind:

UV protection is super important!: Something that many people overlook when looking for goggles is their UV protection. as you know, the suns rays can negatively impact your vision, especially when riding in those hot summer months or if you are riding for a long time. thankfully, most goggles worth a damn will have at least some UV protection, especially if the lenses are polarized. not all of them have UV protection though so I recommend that you double check to see if they have them.

Clear lenses for night use: while I recommend polarized lenses when riding on sunny conditions, if you don’t like them or have difficulty with visibility because of the lenses, I recommend that you get clear lenses instead! however, be warned that these usually will provide little or no UV protection you are going to make compromises if you don’t like polarized lens.