Depending on the boots that you buy, getting knee pads might or might not be needed. the reason for this is that there are some boots that provide some protection to the knee. these are usually more modern boots that can be quite bulkier than usual. however, most boots available won’t have any protection available to it might be wise to get something that can protect your knees from any impact. I have used several brands over the years, some quite crappy and others not so bad. I’m currently using 2 different boots and one of them doesn’t have any knee protection available, so I use knee pads when I use those. the knee pads that I recommend is the best value option on the market, combining good protection with affordable pricing.

The knee pads that I’m recommending are the Shoptourismkit ATV Protective Kneepad. these knee pads are super high quality and very protective of not just the knee, but parts of the shin too. this is a good choice for anybody looking for a good balance between protection, weight, and pricing. overall thing that these are the best option on the market. try them out!

I recommend that you try these on first before buying because if you are much fatter or thinner than usual, then the kneepads might not fit you that well or be uncomfortable. however, for most people, these should fit like a glove. if you wear special pants I recommend that you wear them outside of the trousers.

Other things that I like about these kneepads are the styling of them. I’m not going to say that they look super flashy, they are kind of a more subdued design but that works very well for me because I already have some colors and designs going on with some of my other safety gear. the black colors also complement my boots very well.

There are a few other kneepads on the market but I have found that most are pretty crappy or too expensive for what you get. if you are somebody that likes fast rides or likes offroading on hard trails, then getting something good and light to protect you is super important.

What to look for in a pair of kneepads

  • Comfort & Ergonomics: I think that other than the safety rating of the knee pad, this is the most important thing you should have in your mind. does the kneepad fit you properly? does it fit you a little bit tight or a little bit loose? after you have them on for 30 minutes, does something hurt?  after you try wearing the kneepads try to have them on for at least an hour to see if you sense some discomfort.
  • Protection: Obviously, you are buying kneepads in order to protect your knees! the protection that a kneepad might provide to you has a lot to do with the materials that are used in it. avoid using flimsy, poorly built kneepads that feel like they were put together with Elmer Glue. the rule should be firm but soft inside, hard and tough outside!
  • Price: Most kneepads are pretty affordable, however, super cheap models tend to be pretty crappy. I wouldn’t spend less than 20$, but no more than 70-80$ either.
  • Weight: This is related to comfort but I think it deserves a distinction. try to avoid buying bulky kneepads and try to look for something that uses lighter plastics and any material that reduces weight. heavy, cumbersome kneepads are the #1 reason why people like to skip them when riding ATVs or side by sides.

Other good kneepads worth considering

ExtraMighty Professional Knee Pads: I would recommend these kneepads for anybody doing light riding or anything that wouldn’t require heavier, more protective kneepads. these pads do not have much plastics, but they are very light and very comfy too. they use velcro straps and so they are less cumbersome than normal pads. they are also cheaper than the other options on this list.

EVS Sports EPIC-K-S/M EPIC Knee PadMy old kneepads. these kneepads were very protective and firm, but they also weren’t exactly the most ergonomic model. every time that I wore these my knees felt like they were held by a vise. maybe it’s because of my weight but I just decided to drop these and get something that would suit me better. the reason that I recommend these is that honestly, they do provide great levels of protection over the whole knee area.