The Best Chest Protector Available

A chest protector is super useful for protecting your torso from anything in a trail or when riding in general. it will protect you from rocks, branches, debris, etc… many chest protectors are made from cushy, but firm material which will also protect you in case that you fall off the quad. these might be worn inside or outside the jersey.

The most important when you are going to buy a chest protector or a roost deflector is the level of protection it provides. finding something that protected me well but at a good price was pretty hard, but I think I finally found the best chest protector after going through several. this chest protector is also super comfortable unlike many I wore before which were pretty tight or uncomfortable.

The best chest protector available today is the Leatt 5.5 Pro Chest Protector (Check price on Amazon) Which is the one that I have been using over the last few months. this chest protector provides complete coverage for the chest, shoulders, and part of the ribs. the extra coverage in those spots also makes it a little bit heavier than a more barebones protector, but if prefer a lighter protector, I would recommend that you buy this Leatt Adventure Lite Chest Protector (Check Price On Amazon)  It doesn’t have any shoulder protection so that is something to consider!

Both chest protectors provide ample support for your torso at an accessible price. they will also last you a long time because they are both very well made. I recommend you to avoid any cheap knock-offs because they won’t last long and you are going to have to buy again!

  • Protection: The reason that you are buying a chest protector is to act as an armor in case that something goes wrong. the Leatt 5.5 protector provides insane amounts of cushioning and protection. so in that part, you are covered.
  • Ventilation: Especially important during summer months, having a protector with appropriate ventilation means a more comfortable ride, and it also means that you get a more aerodynamic ride, which is great for both newbies and serious riders alike.
  • Price: Chest Protectors aren’t exactly the cheapest equipment you will find but you do not need to spend thousands of dollars in one either! the Leatt 5.5 protector gives you the best bang for your buck out of all the protectors that I have reviewed.
  • Weight: Weight is another consideration especially if you have a lighter frame or are going to ride for longer periods. sadly, the protector that I recommend is on the heavier side because of all the cushioning and protective materials. so if you prefer a lighter protector, go with the second choice because it’s lighter!

Other Good Choices worth considering:

Fox Racing Proframe LC Roost Deflector: This is not a chest protector but a roost deflector, which are used to protect from light impact like for example a light fall or a branch and also protect from dirt, rocks, and sand. in short, it provides less protection than a proper chest protector. they are also generally cheaper and lighter. might be a good option if you are going to be riding pretty casually 

R3 Roost Deflector: This Roost Deflector is smaller than most models and it’s also very light so it’s good for persons with lighter frames and those looking for a very light “air” style protector. these kinds of deflectors are also very accessible and affordable.

Other Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Try to avoid loose protectors: when you have your protector, why to wear it as snugly as possible. this is because of several things: first of all, if there’s an impact with something, you don’t want the protector to be loose and all over the place. the second reason is that wearing a loose protector might hurt or cut your body in case that something happens!
  • Try to avoid buying cheap protectors: most cheap protectors under 50$ are made from inferior materials that will probably not last you longer than a few months, that means that you are going to have to buy another one soon! avoid that hassle and buy something that will last you at least a year.