10 Must-Have Accessories And Equipment For Your Quad Bike

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10 Must-Have Accessories And Equipment For Your Quad Bike

This article is for those that are going to buy a quad for the first time and are a bit clueless as to what else is
needed on their ATV. and the answers to that is only the quad. that’s right, you really don’t NEED anything other than the Quad bike and some fuel to make it run. but there are other necessities that I have used that have improved my riding experience, so I’m going to make some recommendations to you now. there are also a few things on the list that my friends have and that I have on my wishlist. so getting some of these recommendations will be well worth your money!

A winch is a must-have for your ATV

For some people, this is the most important thing you can get for your Quad, and this is because of safety first of all. now, a winch is used to get yourself unstuck from a place where you are bogged down, so if it has been raining and your quad is stuck in the mud, then the winch will be really handy. if you haven’t bought offroading tires, then you might have trouble with the traction of the ATV.

It’s important to connect the winch to a part of the ATV that is solidly connected to it, preferably the mainframe. there are also some ATVs that provide a special part that allows you to connect a winch to the main chassis. doing this makes it safer for you and for your ATV.

There are several good winches available at several price points. I strongly recommend the Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35. It’s the winch that I have right now. I made the purchase in 2013 after having serious problems riding in the Sunshine canyon road in Utah and getting constantly bogged down because of the stormy weather. having a winch at that moment would have been super useful and save me the hassle of pushing the quad through the mud. anyways, there are several great perks about this quad. the first one is that it has a remote control so that you don’t have to get close to the winch to operate, which could be dangerous. pressing a button is all it takes to use. it is also rated for more than 3000 lbs so it can pull bigger UTVs too.

There are also cheaper ones like the Champion 2000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit which is a more affordable/heavy duty winch. this winch is a popular buy with off-road enthusiasts but it won’t last as long as the Superwinch Terra at the top. it also has fewer features than it. so you get what you pay for.

Nerf bars can save your feet!

This is another really important thing to buy! Nerf Bars are similar to a safety net which protect your feet in case you slip off the main footwell. this is, in my opinion, a no-brainer and they are quite cheap too. they are usually made of aluminum which is light but tough. I buy my nerf bars once a year through Amazon and I buy different models depending on the quad that I have at the time. I think this accessory is even more important than a helmet.

Protect yourself with a helmet

This is how the helmet looks like

Having a helmet strapped to your head is the most important thing that you should have in your body when you turn on your quad. ATVs suffer from high rollover rates, and when they do, it’s very easy to hurt your head. I had initially used a cheap bicycle helmet for me but I dumped it because it wasn’t fitting my head correctly, but it didn’t provide protection on the sides of my head. I instead bought this helmet from Amazon. The O’Neal 2SERIES Men’s Off-Road is a really comfy helmet with a lot of ventilation which is really important because it gets really hot when you are ripping through a trail with full equipment. this helmet has a lot of cushioning and it fits most heads! plus it comes in different designs. to know if the helmet is a good fit for you, shake your head for 10 seconds. if it moves a lot, then it’s too big! it shouldn’t be too tight but it shouldn’t be loose either, just in the middle.

Get a ramp for easy loading to a pickup

Depending on where you live, you might need to travel to a forest, trail, or your preferred offroading area so that you can use your quad to its best potential, but before you can do that, you need to move the ATV. and that where pickups come in handy. you have 2 choices. either you can tow the quad or you can haul it on the truck bed. if you are going to do the latter and you have confirmed that your truck bed is big enough, then getting the ATV up there is a piece of cake.

You only need a Ramp to do that. this ramp is installed in the edge of the pickup bed and it looks similar to a ladder, so you only need to move forward. do it slowly so that you don’t break a glass or something similar! if you have a pickup then you only need the ramp to move it up. put some ropes on it so that you can secure it and that’s it!

ATVs work great when hunting, get a rack to go with it!

One of the best uses of ATVs is for hunting purposes. quite commonplace in Africa and other continents, bigger Quads modified so that they have some sunshades are being used by hunters to catch their prey. the quad is small and fast enough so that you can swiftly get anywhere you want to go, but it’s also comfortable and can fit more than 1 people on it. also, you can even carry your catch on the back of it so that you can move it easily.

If you like hunting and have an ATV, then getting a rack could be really useful for you. a rack is exactly what it seems. a pedestal to put your tools there so you can rest it. depending on the game that you are hunting, tracking the animal can last a while and if you have more than one tool you can just rest the backup one on the rack and the main one on you. now, I’m not familiarized with hunting but I think that having more than 1 tool is kind of important so if the other one jams and you need a backup quickly, then installing a rack could be on your future.

This Rack is really cheap so you shouldn’t have any problems with getting one of those. they are available in any hunting or quad store. but if you are more tech savvy you can just go to Amazon so you can get the rack. beware though, not all racks fit the quads equally so it might be wise to ask questions on Amazon to make sure that the rack will work with your particular quad. that one fits most ATVs including mines.

Offroad tires will make the difference in the mud.

When it comes to offroading, there are 2 important things to consider: the ground clearance of the quad, and the tires. now when it comes to the latter, the tires that you want to get are offroad tires. their grooves are spikier and that allows for them to have more traction. trust me, buying some knockoff rubber never did me any good. these tires are a bit more expensive but they last a long time since you won’t be going fast if you are going offroad. so that might be a good way to reduce wear and tear. use the offroad tires only when you are in heavy weather or are on a trail and have traction issues. but for everything else just use the normal rubber.

You are going to need goggles for your eyes

As you probably already know, ATV and dirtbike helmets do not have a solid screen in the front part, which means you are going to have to buy goggles too. when I started dirt biking I didn’t have money for some proper goggles so I instead used some swimming goggles instead, which was a bit embarrassing but they got the job done. that’s what I would recommend if you cant buy the offroad goggles now: get some swimming goggles and use them for a while. those goggles do not provide the same level of visibility that offroading goggles provide, so when possible change them as soon as possible.

After a while, I decided it was time to buy proper goggles and I got these goggles from Dicks Sporting Goods. after I bought them I decided to check them on Amazon and realized I overpaid a lot because I bought them in the store. so what I would recommend you is to go to the store, write down the goggle that you want to buy, and then check them out on Amazon to see if they are cheaper online. I would have saved 60 bucks if I would have done that.

The best choice to move your quads is a big ATV trailer.

This is for those people that already have more than 1 ATV and are more invested in the hobby. Yes, there are big boxy trailers that are available for moving of up to 3 quads with a truck. an acquaintance I know has a big aluminum storage where he puts his ATVs and dirtbikes. it works like this.. the trailer generally has 2 openings.. a normal door and a bigger opening so that you can get the quads inside. you can also load a lot of stuff not only 4Wheelers.

ATV headlights made a world of difference in the night.

If you love riding the quad on the night or you are thinking about making your quad road legal, then you are going to have to install some headlights so that you can comply with regulations. some quads, especially the more modern ones come with headlights installed but some don’t or you might not be satisfied with the ones that the quads come with. anyways, installing some aftermarket headlights has always been an option. they are easy to install and easy to maintain.

It’s also important to install headlights if you want to make your quad road legal. one of the requirements is a competent set of lights front and rear. I would recommend checking on the internet the specific headlights that you need so that you don’t get in trouble.

Perform proper oil changes regularly.

This is my number 1 tips for everyone who rides ATV at least once a week: do not forget to change the oil! this is really important because it allows for the proper performance of the quad. I made a post talking about the issue a bit more, but it doesn’t really matter which oil do you buy, the important thing is to change it at least once every 3 months. I usually buy the motor oil in quantity since I have 3 quads and use them a lot.

I also use synthetic oil on all of my quads because of the seasonal temperature changes. the oil that I use is called Royal Purple ROY01315 Max Cycle. that is a synthetic oil and not all quads can use that one. so it’s important to perform your due diligence and see which oil your quads prefers. if your quad prefers conventional oil I would recommend the Valvoline Daily Protection 10W-30 Conventional Motor Oil.

Insurance might not even be an option!

This one I put on the list because it might not even be an option. why? because in some states and territories it’s
mandatory to purchase insurance. In the States of Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, and Pensylvania it’s mandatory to have insurance for your ATV, so if you live in those areas then you are going to have to do some extra paperwork and hand in the cash for the insurance. most insurance companies that work with cars and motor vehicles will also deal with Quads. so insurance companies like Geico and Statefarm will help you with that problem.

But even if you are not in those states it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get a warranty, especially if you are going to use the quad in more extreme conditions or at fast speeds. doing this makes your ATV work harder and that might mean that there might be an accident. I’m not wishing an accident on anybody but ATV crashes and other mishaps can be quite frequent depending on the environment that you are using the machine on. so I recommend you to speak with the insurance company of your choice so that you know what the insurance will cover and what it will not.

Get a tarp if you need to leave your ATV outdoors

Buying a big tarp might be useful if you don’t have space for your quad inside doors. the reason for this is that number 1 it protects the quad from rain and other debris. some quads might not endure heavy rainfall or worse climates. putting the tarp on top of it helps.

The second reason to do that is to avoid theft. yes, ATV theft can be a big problem and you don’t want your ATV just hanging there outside. at least put something over it. ideally a tarp.

Clip on bags if you are using the quad for work

There are some bags that you can buy which you can install on the ATV so that you can put things in it. this can be really useful if you are hunting or just performing general utility work. they are really cheap and depending on the brand that you buy, they also last a long time.