16 Great Gift Ideas For ATV Riders!

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16 Gift Ideas For ATV Riders

With the Holiday season nearby, many enthusiasts are going to be shopping for new gear for their quad. maybe you have some family or you are the enthusiast and are looking for something for your quad. I decided to make this list to write about the best gifts you could give somebody who likes riding ATVs. these gear and equipment are things that I would love to get as a Christmas present or birthday gift. so without further ado, I hope you enjoy this list of gift ideas.

Altec Lansing Waterproof Speaker

As you might know, one of the ATVs primary applications include trail riding, and that can include riding on wet environments with mud and sand. that means that many electronics are going to be incompatible with general ATV use. not these speakers though. these Altec Lansing waterproof speakers are ideal for those who like rugged rides in the wilderness or just want to listen to music with it’s raining or in a harsh climate. the speaker can be connected to a phone or audio source via AUX or Bluetooth, so that means that you don’t have to worry about cables.

The audio quality is pretty good for the price point, however, do not expect a very bass heavy sound system. the speakers also have a great battery life of over 50 hours, which is super useful if you want to go camping with it. the only thing that I do not like about it is that it’s a little bit too big for my taste. I’m honestly not the kind of person that likes having a lot of stuff in a backpack and having this speaker certainly uses up more space than I would like. but other than that, great product!

Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35

A winch is something that is essential to anybody that likes riding quads. the function of the winch consists of getting an ATV unstuck by attaching to the chassis and then pulling the quad out. nobody should be riding quads without one of these babies and one of the best in the business is the Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35. this heavy-duty winch can handle more than 3500 pounds and it can also be operated wirelessly.

the Superwinch Terra is currently the winch that I’m using and I have never had problems with it. it’s a high-quality piece of equipment which will probably last a long time. I would recommend this gear to any beginner quad enthusiast looking for their first winch. they won’t be disappointed!

Koso Apollo Heated Grips

Heated grips are a lifesaver in winter! as the name implies, these are aftermarket grips that have a heated function for those winter months. these might be especially important in northern states such as Montana or Quebec where it’s pretty cold all year long. these grips have a red button on the side that allows you to change the temperature level. the installation is also super easy and it is detailed in the instructions manual of these grips. just make sure before buying that you have the correct size! the one that I put in the link is 7/8″ + 1″ so check the ATV manual to make sure that the stock grips are also that size.

O’Neal 2SERIES Men’s SPYDE Helmet 

The most important equipment in this list. hopefully, you or the person that you want to buy the gift for already has a helmet, but if not, this helmet is a very protective and stylish piece of equipment. since head and spine injuries are the most common serious ATV injury, it’s important that you get something that actually does a good job protecting that area. that helmet provides good levels of protection and it also will not break the bank. it’s super comfy and it also has an opening so that you can wear ATV goggles with it. that helmet also has a lot of designs available so if you are looking for a helmet that will match with your attire or riding jersey, you are covered!

Fox Racing 180 Race Men’s Off-Road Jersey

If you do not have any specific riding gear and are looking for something comfortable to wear when riding quads, then a riding jersey might be a good option! these will make you look just like the pros. the jerseys are also usually made of polyester which is ideal in warmer climates but it also provides good ventilation as well. ATV jerseys have very cool designs and many people like combining the ATV jersey color with the Quads color. the Jersey that appears on the top I consider the best in that price point because it combines excellent quality, comfort, and durability at a very affordable price. highly recommended.

Boulder Tools Complete ATV Tool Kit

This one is sure to brighten up the face of any ATV enthusiast. this toolkit contains everything necessary to make quick repairs or replenishments to an ATV, including oil changes, transmission fluid changes, air filter changes, and more. it has several tools inside of it, including several wrenches, zip ties, screwdrivers, you name it. if you are buying this for somebody that likes to do their own oil changes or they like to do the regular maintenance of their quad by themselves, then this is the perfect buy.

One of the few important tools that this toolkit doesn’t have is a winch, which is something that could be found in higher priced toolkits, however, I decided to choose this because it has some wrenches that you won’t find in another toolkit for the same price. so when it comes to value for the price, this toolkit is king.

Rosso Motors Kids ATV

Of course, the best gift to give somebody is an actual quad! especially if the person that you are going to give the gift to is your son or daughter. the Miniquad that I personally recommend is the Rosso Motors Kids ATV Kids. for the price point, the Roose Mini-ATV is a FANTASTIC quad. this ATV is an electrically powered model, which means no internal combustion engine. the 800w motor is plenty for a kid under 10 years old and it is also packed with some security features like a 3-speed governor. this mini quad gives you the option to control the speed that the quad is going to move at, which is something essential if you are going to have young kids riding it. this quad also has several colors available including pink if you have a daughter!

Fox Comp 5 ATV Boots

Boots are one of the most overlooked parts of ATV riding gear. because it’s because they are not as visible or people simply do not understand the importance of proper protection in the lower leg area. anyways, the Fox Comp 5 are the best boots available for the pricing. it’s just that they are so comfortable. I have been wearing them for a while now and I do not think I’m going to be using something else for the foreseeable future. these boots protect very well, especially the ankle area, which is an area that is very easy to injure, especially when driving fast. the only con about this boot is that it’s a little bit on the heavier side which is pretty understandable given the sheer amount of padding and protection that these give you. anyways, if you are looking for something stylish that provides great amounts of protection at an affordable price, this is the best you can get.


The cheapest option on this list. decals are a nice option to personalize your quad and make it more colorful. the option on the top of this list contains 2 pages filled with stickers related to car, motocross, and ATV racing. they are pretty cheap and there are other options available too. there are even a few glow in the dark options so it might be worthwhile to check them out!

Universal 1.5-2″ Inlet Hexagon Exhaust Muffler Pipe Slip On

Another popular option for those looking to increase power and sound on the cheap. the exhaust that I recommend is this one from universal. I installed this baby on my 2017 Raptor because I was looking for something that sounded a little bit more burly and deep. and it definitely worked! the main pro about this exhaust is the deepening of the sound that you get when you install it and start to rev it. it definitely makes the quad louder which is something to consider if the quad is going to be used for something other than sports use. the only con that I saw in this exhaust is that I have found some exhausts that are a little bit cheaper, with pretty much the same quality.

CamelBak HydroBak Hydration Pack

There are just some people that do not want to get off their ATV. and if that is the case for you or the person that you want to get the present to, then this can be a great gift! this hydration pack looks very similar to a normal backpack, but it’s slimmer and it also can be filled full of water or Gatorade or any preferred liquid! the hydration backpack that I personally recommend is called the CamelBak HydroBak Hydration Pack, which is a backpack with a sick design and it can hold a killer amount of fluid: 50 Oz, which is great for the price point. anyways, this gift is definitely a no-brainer for those people that like riding a lot and need a way to stay hydrated without pulling out a bottle every 5 minutes.

Ducati compression socks:

These socks are the same ones that pros use in competitions. they are made to be used with ATV boots. the reason pros use these socks is that they provide superior dryness and they are more suited to absorb sweat, which is going to be plenty in riding conditions. if you are the kind of person who likes riding in hot conditions or your legs sweat a lot and normal socks aren’t cutting it, then this can be a good, affordable gift option.

Fox Racing 2019 Bomber S ATV Gloves

These gloves are a godsend for anybody who likes riding in cold weather. these gloves provide great insulation against cold and they also can be used if your hands sweat while riding and it makes it harder to grip the quad. the gloves that I’m currently recommending are the Fox Racing Bomber S, which are a phenomenal pair of gloves with killer quality. I think those gloves are the most durable thing that you are going to find at that price point. they are super comfy and they protect well against cold. they are also available in different colors, so if you already have some clothing or your quad is in a certain color, then you can certainly match colors easily.

KALILY Facemask

face masks make for a very cool and very edgy gift. these masks can serve as a mouth protector for somebody who’s not wearing a helmet but it can also be worn simply for style. there are a lot of designs available, and the one that I recommend is available in several colors like the gloves. lastly, this is a good gift option for somebody in a budget. most facemasks, even the high-end ones won’t really break the bank.

Kimpex 4-M 5W30 Snowmobile/ATV Engine Oil

One of the safest options on this list, if you are not exactly sure what would the person that you are gifting to likes, then giving them a quart of 2 of oil might be the safe option. now, this might seem a little bit crass or inappropriate but let me tell you that ATVs are machines that need constant oil changes, so it’s something that most ATV owners buy often. so, it’s not the most amazing gift available but it’s certainly a very useful one. the engine oil that I’m currently recommending is called the Kimpex 4-M 5W30, which is a sensible choice for 99% of ATVs. just make sure that you buy conventional oil instead of synthetic! it’s possible that the quad that the oil is going to be used on might not like the synthetic so it’s better to be safe and just use conventional.

Big Horn ATV Loading Ramp

The easiest and most obvious way to transport an ATV long distances is by putting the ATV in a truck bed. now easier said than done, especially if you do not really have the correct equipment to actually get the quad up there. so if you struggle to get an ATV up a truck bed I would recommend this ramp as a gift. this ATV ramp just clips to the tailgate and that way you can just ride the quad up the ramp up to the truck bed. it’s super easy and safe to do. the ramp that I recommend can handle more than 1200 pounds and that means that it can handle most quads and it’s also made of aluminum which means that it’s pretty light for its size.