9 Gift Ideas For UTV Riders! What We Wish You’d Buy Us

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Buying the correct gift for a loved one can be a quite daunting ordeal. And one of the reasons is because people often do not really know the other persons’ interests that well. Let’s just face it: no one wants to gift something that will never be used. however, if the gift recipient is a side-by-side lover, then this article is made for you! UTV enthusiasts love gear, and they definitely will appreciate a new set of boots, a set of shocks from their favorite brand, or maybe even a magazine subscription. the point is that when it comes to UTV gear, there is a lot to like!

So whether we are talking about Christmas presents, a birthday coming up, or just a gift to celebrate a big promotion, This article will help you find a special present any UTV rider will love, with ideas for both kids and adults. from an enthusiast’s point of view, these are the gifts we wish you’d buy us!

Action Camera

One of the best gifts you can give to a UTV enthusiast is an action camera, which is a device worn at the top of a helmet (or on the UTVs frame) used to record the rider while in the process of ripping through a trail or riding an MX track. in a world taken over by social media, we enthusiasts love to post videos of us skillfully maneuvering through a tricky trail and the best way to do so is with one of these babies. and there are many quality options on the market. 5 years ago, most quality HD cameras were very expensive, and the more affordable options suffered from build quality issues or were very bulky.

This is not the case anymore though. A quality action camera with 4K recording can be had for under 300 dollars, which is a steal if you ask me. I personally have a GoPro HERO7 that I bought a few months ago and the video quality is INSANE! I also have been loving the build quality of it. these cameras are very rugged and sturdy and won’t break or malfunction if you drop them, plus they are both waterproof and dirtproof, perfect for muddy or rainy conditions. If you are set on getting an action camera as a gift, then I advise that you go with the HERO7. it’s currently the best choice on the market, and most importantly, it’s something any UTV enthusiast will go crazy for.

There are also other great options available. Garmin has been recently making some wonderful cameras that get the job done. they might not be a household name like GoPro but still, their products are very well made and easy to use.

Overall, Action cameras are the kind of gear that any UTV enthusiast would have on their wish list and so gifting one is guaranteed to please!

  • GoPro HERO7 (Click to check price on Amazon)This is the one that I have, and so far this camera has been nothing short of amazing. video quality is insane, using it is super straightforward and intuitive, and it’s not that expensive if you ask me. Overall, this is the best action camera on the market today. Highly recommended!
  • Sony FDRX3000 (Click to check price on Amazon)Sony has been making quality Action cameras for years now, with the FDRX3000 being their latest gadget yet. One of the hallmarks of this camera is that it’s so easy to use, perfect for kids and teenagers looking to record their adventures on the trails.
  • Garmin Virb X (Click to check price on Amazon) – Another great choice is Garmin, which is a good alternative to both Sony and GoPro. this is kind of like the value option. don’t be mistaken though, even though it might be more affordable than the other 2 options, this is still a very competent action camera.

Offroading MX Helmet

When It comes to offroading & extreme sports, safety is paramount. These hobbies can quite dangerous, especially if safety measures are not taken. because of this, a helmet is something that every UTV rider will appreciate and make good use of. now, choosing a helmet might be cumbersome because you may or may not know the color preferences or the head size of the person that you are going to gift, but as long as you buy medium, which will fit on 99% of people’s heads and get neutral colors, you won’t have a problem.

When it comes to helmets, you really want to make sure that you don’t buy any Chinese knock-offs for whoever you are gifting to. Not trying to rip on Chinese goods or anything, but in the last few years I have noticed a lot of cheap Chinese helmets being introduced to the market, and they do not really protect the head & spine very well. I recommend that you go with an established brand, which tend to have more padding, ventilation, and ergonomics when compared to their generic counterparts.

If you are going to gift a helmet, then you can’t go wrong with the O’Neal 2SERIES SPYDE Helmet (Click to check price on Amazon). from all the helmets that I have used over the years, this has been the best one. the thing that I love about it is the fact that it is so lightweight and comfortable without feeling flimsy or cheap. It has a surprising amount of protection and padding for the price, and the helmet color matches with my Polaris RZR. In my opinion, this is the best helmet under 150 dollars. highly recommended as a gift! (For a more comprehensive review of this helmet, please click on this link.)

If you are going to be gifting a Child or a Teenager, then let me tell you that I’m the father of 2 boys, and since they love UTVs just like me, they have their own helmets too. The one that they are both using is the Fox Racing Youth V1 Helmet (Click to check price on Amazon). the number one thing that my kids love about that helmet is comfort & ergonomics. if you are going to be gifting a helmet to a kid, it’s very important to get something that actually fits them and doesn’t feel tight, because if not, they are probably going to refuse to wear it.

From what my kids have told me, this piece of equipment fits like a glove, and it also feels very sturdy and well made for the price. anyways, this could be a great gift idea!


No offroading adventure should start without a winch handy, and no self-respecting UTV enthusiast should go out on the trails without one either. For those who don’t know, a winch is a device used to pull out a side by side that has been bogged down in the mud. If the gift recipient doesn’t have one already, you can rest assured that he wants one and has it on the top of their shopping list, making this the perfect gift for offroading aficionados!

Most UTVs nowadays are over 1000lbs, which means that a heavy-duty winch is warranted. One of the most lauded winches on the market today is the awesome Superwinch Terra 35, perfect for pulling side by sides and ATVs out of sticky situations. I have 2 years already with this winch and I could spend the entire day raving about it, but to keep things short, it’s a pretty much indestructible piece of equipment that hasn’t failed me once. It holds a maximum of 3500 pounds, which is more than enough for 99.9% of UTVs. 

If the gift recipient a hardcore trail rider, then getting this for them is a great idea, especially if the person doesn’t have a winch already.

Offroading Boots

Offroading boots are a perfect gift for UTV riders that love to get dirty on the mud. side by sides are mainly used today for trail riding, which is really fun it can get really messy too. boots are necessary to protect the feet from particles, dirt, debris, and mud. it’s also a better idea to use boots rather than sneakers when using the UTV to make sure that they do not get dirty or damaged from the mud that people will encounter when riding.

That’s why a great gift would be the Fox Comp 5 (Click to check price on Amazon). these high-quality boots are ridiculously tough, which contrasts with the plush material used to cover them inside. they have a very utilitarian but elegant design, and the materials are sturdy enough to resist most scratches and protect feet from rocks and debris. there’s also a kids version of these boots too. (For a more comprehensive review of these boots, please click on this link.)

Chest Protector

If the gift recipient tends to love fast racing on his or her UTV, then this can be an excellent gift! if you didn’t know, there are different types of UTVs available, sport and utility models. as the name suggests, the sports models are those which are meant for spirited and performance driving, kind of like a sports can in real life. as you probably guessed, these sport UTVs are REALLY FAST, some can do 0-60 MPH in less than 7 seconds, which is insane in the side by side world. because of the performance of these machines, using safety equipment is paramount, and every safety gear kit should start with a chest protector!

Wearing a chest protector is important because one of the most common injuries seen in UTV accidents are torso injuries, specifically the ribs. I personally broke 2 of my ribs a few months ago when the steering wheel of the UTV crushed my ribcage in an accident involving a tree. I wasn’t wearing a chest protector at the time, but if I had one, I could have avoided a hefty hospital bill.

And because of that accident, I decided to pony up and get the Leatt 5.5 Pro Chest Protector (Click to check price on Amazon) which I’m still using as of 2019. The main thing that I LOVE about this protector is the fact that It’s actually going to cover your body well if something happens. and the reason I say this is because there are a lot of s#*t protectors on the market that are super flimsy and light. the moment you touch these knockoff products you realize it’s just better to ride without them.

This protector though is the real deal. It’s very well made, very sturdy, and It doesn’t look too bad either. also, It features some tough shoulder pads, something that 99% of protectors on the market do not offer. it also features a very ergonomic fit, with firm but comfortable padding on the inside so that you can use it all day long without feeling tight. anyways, gifting a chest protector is a great idea, but if you are going to do so, then I would advise getting something that will actually last a long time like the one above. it’s 100% worth it.

I’m not the only one with a chest protector though. my 2 kids both have their own protectors so that they can stay safe when riding with daddy. Theirs is the Wingoffly chest protector (Click to check price on Amazon) and gifting it is a good way to ensure that your kid stays safe while riding.

Offroading/MX Clothing

Another gift that will surely impress any UTV rider is offroading clothing! these are inspired by motocross riders in that they are really flashy and stylish, and not only that, they also give the impression that the rider is very skilled and competent at what he’s doing. the clothing is also relatively cheap, perfect if you need to gift something but are on a budget.

If the gift recipient is somebody gets his clothes dirty every time that he hops on the UTV, then this might be the best thing to gift on this list! if you are wondering about the sizing, then don’t worry because MX clothing is meant to be relatively loose, so when in doubt, just buy a size up.

The Fox Racing 180 MX Jersey and Fox Racing 180 MX Pants is what I recommend. Fox has been making quality outerwear for years, and they feature some very cool designs that will pair very well with any UTV. the pricing is also reasonable if you ask me, especially when considering how well made the jersey and pants feel.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof speakers are something that anybody would love, not just side by side enthusiasts, and so this is a very safe gift option. side by side riders often tend to ride on muddy and wet conditions, and there are some (like me!) who also tend to ride while raining. and because of this, readily using phones or other electronics to play music is not an option. most UTVs as of 2019 do not have radios either. this is why a waterproof & mudproof speaker can be so useful. you could ride around while it’s raining hard or ripping through a trail with mud all over the place, all while playing your favorite music.

And there are honestly a lot of good options available on the market really. I’m no stranger to these Bluetooth speakers and the best one that I have ever bought is the Altec Lansing Everythingproof Speaker (Click to check price on Amazon) first of all, the audio quality is excellent for the price point. the treble and the midrange is very sharp and clear, and the bass sounds punchy and not drowny at all. just don’t expect an audiophile to like this though. This is also a great gift option for people who like camping because this speaker has a battery capable of playing songs for 50 hours straight.

In short, this is a great gift option and it’s also a very safe choice too. who doesn’t like riding around while playing their favorite tunes??

Cleaning Kit

A perfect choice for the mud lover. after the typical trail run, our UTVs tend to be super dirty and splashed all over the place with mud, water, and other particles, you name it. buying a specialized cleaning kit for the UTV is the best way to wash the machine, all while protecting both the insides and outsides of it.

Just like cars, UTVs need specialized cleaning washes to avoid ruining the paint or affecting the plastic pieces all around it. The Slick Products Offroad Cleaner (Click to check price on Amazon) comes with a degreaser, a washer, a shining product, plus a set of brushes and microfiber cloths. In short, this is all you need to leave any UTV looking like new! if your loved one is always cleaning up his UTV, then gift him this product!

UTV Toolkit

It’s often said that the best gifts are the ones that are most useful to the gift recipient. and when it comes to utility, there are few things that are more useful than a UTV toolkit. This is a perfect gift for the husband that tends to his own work on his side by side, like changing its tires or doing an oil change. A UTV toolkit is going to have all the basic and necessary stuff needed to do basic maintenance on the machine, including air filter changes, shock adjustments, oil changes, etc…

The DEKOPRO Toolkit Set (Click to check price on Amazon) is what I got, and also what I recommend. one of the most essential things you must have on a UTV toolkit is a lot of wrenches with different measurements, and this toolkit certainly has a lot. all the wrenches measure 5/16,3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8, which will be enough for 99% of all UTVs on the market. doing simple maintenance and changes on a UTV like for example an oil change or a shock adjustment is a piece of cake.

Offroading GPS

This is exactly what you think it is: a GPS System with the mapping of 99% of offroading zones in the US. this is perfect for trail lover who tends to offroad often in their UTVs and needs to more sophisticated map to make sure he doesn’t get lost.

And there are many systems on the market. the best ones are ones made by hunting companies with pre-mapped routes. I honestly do not have any GPS system like that, but brands like Garmin and Trail Tech are at the forefront of trail GPS.