The Best ATV Protective Gear – A Buyers Guide

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The Best ATV Protective Gear – A Buyers Guide

It doesn’t matter if you are a new ATV rider who is looking to use the quad as often as possible, or if you are a seasoned veteran with years of experience, protective gear is important everytime that you hop onto the quad. Other than getting insurance for your ride, the second thing that I would recommend you to get is some safety gear for you and your family.

Some people might say “but why should I buy safety gear? there is almost no safety risk with ATVs” or “I would rather spend it in mods” but if you analyze the ways that you could hurt yourself while riding, using protective gear is paramount. over the years I have bought all sorts of stuff like helmets, boots, knee pads, chest protectors and more and so I have learned which brands are good and which ones are not so good.

So I decided to make a buyers guide. something that could help people that are undecided on what to get. I will mention which is the best gear currently available, and I then I will speak about its strong points and why you should get it instead of some other brand. this is a list that I personally made with the impressions that I got from several Helmets, Boots, and Goggles over time.

1. Helmet: O’Neal 0200-243 2SERIES Men’s Off-Road SPYDE Helmet

This is how the helmet looks like

I consider helmets to be the most important piece of a proper protective equipment setup. considering that head and neck injuries account for more than 30% percent of total injuries, it is obvious why it’s so important. most deaths involving ATVs are caused by serious head or neck trauma, injuries that could have been prevented if the person had something covering their head. so I think that you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to helmets. the one that I’m currently using is the O’Neal 2SERIES and I’m very happy with my purchase.

The main pro about this helmet that makes it better than other choices is the lightness (1450 grams) of it and the protection that it offers you. it’s a very sturdy helmet without being bulky or hard to live with. those qualities combined with the pricing makes it overall the best helmet available. the helmet also provides ample ventilation which makes it much more comfortable when you are riding when it’s hot outside. something else that I love about this helmet is the design of it. it looks much more expensive than what it actually is. the color variety is also great if you want to combine your gear color with your quad color.

Before buying a helmet, I would recommend checking out the sizing guide of that particular helmet. the website has a sizing guide for the helmet. but don’t worry! if you order the helmet and it doesn’t fit you, you can always just return it back and get the correct size!

2. Boots: Fox Racing Comp 5 Men’s Off-Road

Best boots ever

Another important part of your protective gear should be a good pair of offroading boots. these are necessary because of several reasons. the first one is to protect your feet from any slippage while using the quad. accidentally slipping off the footwell might mean that you might scrape them with the ground, and you definitely don’t want that to have with some normal sneakers. riding with offroading boots with good protection acts like armor for your feet, protecting them from stray rocks and pebbles, or any accident that you might suffer. the boots will also also assist with properly balancing your body weight in the quad.

One of the most popular boots available for motocross and ATVs are called the Fox Racing Comp 5 Men’s Off-Road. they are specifically made for trail and offroading conditions, providing a secure and safe fit without being too heavy or constricting. the Fox Comp 5 also have the added benefit of having shin protection. some riders including me often accidentally hit our legs with the lower chassis of the quad and these boots really secure my legs from hitting them too often

The boots are well-padded, using tough plastic composites on the whole boot so they will definitely withstand rough conditions like heavy mud and the like. so if you offroad often and are looking for something that will really protect your dear feet from danger, then the Fox Comp 5 are your best bet.

3. Goggles: 100% 50410-076-02 unisex-adult Goggle

This is how goggles look with the helmet

All dirt biking and ATV helmets have an open part on the front of it so that you can wear goggles while you are wearing the helmet. not only does it provide more air to flow freely inside the helmet, but it also protects your eyes from dirt and the sun. also, when it’s raining, goggles can really help with visibility. they also protect your eyes against UV rays from the sun, another good reason to get them. goggles a must buy if you are going to offroad or ride on a dusty trail. the risk of a small pebble hitting your eye is enough to make them pretty much mandatory.

ATV goggles are usually made of polyurethane (PU), which is really resistant but also comfortable and flexible, qualities that you want in your goggles. the lenses itself could be several materials, including Plastic alloys like Polycarbonate. I would recommend checking the goggles that you are going to buy to make sure that they have these materials. I’m saying this because there are a lot of crappy goggles that use plastics that are much easier to scratch plus they do not last as long.

I would recommend that you go to a physical store the goggles so that you can try them on before buying. the most important thing is that the goggles fit you correctly and comfortably. stores like Dick Sporting Goods are a good place to buy them. I would check the materials on the packaging of the goggles to make sure that they are made from polyurethane and polycarbonates.

But there’s always the option of buying it online. I generally buy all of my gear online nowadays, and it’s also generally cheaper than going to a normal store. the goggles that I’m using right now are called the 100% 50410-076-02 unisex-adult Goggle. they are super comfortable and they also come in several designs so that you could
match it with the quad color of your choice. and if for any reason you are not satisfied with them or they don’t fit, you can always just return it to Amazon.

4. Chest Protector: Fox Racing Proframe LC

Chest Protectors are very often an overlooked part of safety gear even though they are so useful. considering that torso injuries are so frequent and painful in this hobby, I would advise getting something to cover your ribcage and chest, especially if you ride in rough trails or like riding fast and aggressive in general. as the name implies, chest protectors will protect against sudden impacts against handlebars and also it will also serve as a cushion in the case of falling from the ATV. chest protectors are usually worn under a jersey, what I do is that I wear an undershirt, then the protector, and then the jersey over the protector.

There are several good choices when it comes to chest protectors. prices vary a lot and so the quality will too. if you are not somebody who likes aggressive riding or do not use the quad that much then a simple protector will do. this is a very simple Chest protector from Possbay. ideal for people in a budget, the protector also comes in several colors so that you can combine it with the color of your quad.

The protector that I have is the Fox Racing Proframe LC which is a premium protector with more padding inside and outside of the frame. like the other protector, it comes in several colors so if you are wearing the protector outside if your jersey you could match it with your clothes or your quad.

5. Neck Brace: Jili Online Race Collar Neck Brace Support Protection

The neck brace will restrict your head’s movement in case of an accident

The best way to protect your neck in the case of a collision is a neck brace. A neck brace acts as a lifesaver along with a helmet. its function is to act as a raised platform so that your head and neck doesn’t move as much if you fall off the ATV. that way, you could avoid whiplash or even a spinal injury.

Neck braces are also one of those pieces of equipment that is better if you try it on before buying because depending on your body type and height it might or it might not fit you correctly. I would go into an actual physical store with your personal helmet so that you could try it on. after you have the neck brace and the helmet on, try to move your head up and down. you will notice that your natural movement will be impaired. the neck brace should only provide a limited amount of movement up or down. if you can move your head with no restrictions, then the neck brace is too small or too big for you.

6. Knee pads: Demon Dirt Mountain Bike Knee Pads & Shin Pads

I recommend just getting a cheap kneepad

Knee pads are very easy to find because they are used in several other sports. if you have a knee pad that you have used for biking or any other similar sport, then you could use that. but if not, you could always try my recommendation. thankfully kneepads aren’t very expensive.

Most knee pads provide pretty much the same level of protection, unlike helmets, which quality can vary a lot between brands. so getting some cheaper ones is completely fine. you won’t lose any kind of protection because you decided to just pay 20$ for them. the only thing to keep in mind is the fit of the kneepad. it should fit snugly and the velcro fasteners should do a good job maintaining the knee pads where they should be. one of the main problems of many kneepads is that loosen up after a while. after 20 minutes of riding, some pads will loosen up or even fall down.

The Demon Dirt Mountain Bike Knee Pads & Shin Pads are the pads with the best combination of quality and affordable pricing. these “kneepads” also cover the shin which is more likely to get injured than the knee itself. the kneepads only come in black but its gonna be really hard to actually get colored knee pads. and if so, they cost much more than the generic ones.

7. Jersey: Fox Racing 2018 180 Race Jersey

This is how the jersey looks like

For us enthusiasts that already have some time riding and want to get something that looks a bit more professional, getting a jersey is the next step. these jerseys are made with materials that will less sweat and so it will not weight you as much as normal clothing. they are usually longsleeved to cover you from the sun and they do a good job of protecting you from debris from a trail.

Plus they look so cool! modern jerseys feature cool graphics and designs that any normal undershirt will not have. my personal recommendation is the Fox Racing 2018 180 Race Jersey because its really affordable for what you get. it is made from a moisture-wicking polyester fabric and it also comes with vented air panels that maintain you well ventilated and cool.

8. Gloves: Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex BMX MX ATV MTB

Try not to complicate yourself when it comes to getting a pair of gloves

Gloves are another good buy when first starting to ride. the gloves will protect your hand against calluses in your hands because of grabbing the handlebars. also, the gloves prevent your hands from slipping from the quad and they will also assist you with maneuvering it more effectively. another good reason to wear a pair of gloves is to protect your hands in case of an accident. I would advise any new rider to get some gloves at least because of the calluses. For newbie riders, cheap 20$ gloves will suffice. the Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex BMX MX ATV MTB is what I’m using right now and so far they have been excellent.

9. Kidney belt: EVS Sports BB04 Impact Kidney Belt

Yes, the kidney belt! many people have never heard of this and so they are usually the ones with a bad back after riding a quad or even a dirtbike. the kidney belt works similarly to a gym belt. it tightens your core so that you have more balance when riding. it strengthens your abs and lower back so that having a core injury is less likely. riding the quad on a trail with a lot of bumps will feel much more forgiving on your back.

When it comes to kidney belts, buying a knockoff product could really work against you. since we are talking about your back and your core, I don’t think that you should cheap out and buy a cheap 10$ belt. most of these do not provide the proper support to your back and core. so get something decent or else your back will be sorry. I have tried several kidney belts and the best one that I have worn as of now is the EVS Sports BB04 Impact Kidney Belt. it’s very well made and sturdy. it feels snug but comfortable and crossing rough terrain with this is a breeze.